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Let’s rise to the challenge of sustainability

Tackling climate change is a team effort. As a proud sustainability partner of companies worldwide, Uber for Business can help you turn climate goals into ongoing impact.

Take control of your carbon footprint

Uber for Business can help with comprehensive climate metrics, transparent emissions tracking, and greener options for every employee.

Company-wide emissions reporting

Get clear climate metrics to measure and share your company’s achievements, including total CO₂ emissions, total low-emission trips, and average CO₂ per mile.

No- and low-emission rides

Your sustainability goals shouldn’t cost extra. Uber Green, our EV and hybrid ride option, is the most widely available solution in the world for no- or low-emission rides, available to your employees with a tap.*

Greener options for delivery with group orders

Feed company morale while improving delivery efficiency. Group orders are an easy, sustainable choice that grows your impact by requiring fewer trips for delivery.

Track your climate progress in the dashboard

Visit your Uber for Business dashboard to easily see, track, and share your sustainability efforts.

Step 1

When you become a partner, you’ll be set up with a company dashboard and employees will receive links to join your Uber for Business account.

Step 2

Once employees link their Uber for Business account, they can toggle from their personal profile to their business profile and request a ride with Uber Green directly from their Uber app.*

Step 3

Every no- and low-emission ride is automatically calculated, tracked, and measured in your company dashboard.

Step 4

Admins can access the dashboard anytime to view key stats: total emissions, low-emission trips, average CO₂ emissions per mile, and company progress over time.

“On the mobility side, we’re working to make low- and no-emission mobility accessible for more consumers at the tap of a button. If you're traveling with Uber, that has a positive impact on the world.”

Christopher Hook, Head of Global Sustainability, Uber

The future of sustainability is together

Frequently asked questions

  • We want Uber to be the cleanest platform on Earth because it's the right thing for our consumers, cities, and business.

    We’ve committed to becoming a zero-emission mobility platform by 2030 in Canada, Europe, and the US, and globally by 2040.

    We’re focusing on actions in 3 areas to lead the industry to zero emissions:

    • Drivers: Helping drivers go electric as soon as possible
    • Consumers: Empowering users to choose green and car-free products
    • Transparency: Being transparent about our climate impact each year so that we’re accountable for improvement
  • Yes. The goal of this policy is to support the effective management of environmental risk and opportunities in areas such as greenhouse gases, water efficiency, suppliers, and more. You can find the policy here.

  • Our sustainability work is highlighted in Uber’s annual ESG (environmental, social, and governance) Report here. To get more specifics about the environmental impact of trips on Uber’s platform, go to our Climate Assessment and Performance Report here.

*Uber Green is available only in certain cities. In addition, availability may be limited outside of downtown areas to start.

**The ride options on this page are a sample of products available with Uber. Some might not be available where your employees or customers use the Uber app.

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