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Films that move us

As official partner of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival, we want to enable our users to take a one of a kind journey to and from Berlinale’s main locations. Starting today, riders may request rides with the Uber x Berlinale option and win Exclusive Tickets to some of Berlinale’s Competition Premieres.

Uber x Berlinale: meet the artists, see the designs

Uber x Berlinale boasts 4 fabulous cars inspired by various movie genres and designed by local artists - Esra Gülmen, Nadine Kolodziey, Tape That Collective and Kicki Yang Zhan. This new ride option has been designed with Berlinale goers in mind, to give them a one of a kind, film-inspired experience with the Uber app.


Uber x Berlinale: how to request

Requesting a ride through the Uber x Berlinale option is easy!

Step 1: Open the app

Uber x Berlinale option is only available via the Uber app. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up now

Step 2: Type in your destination

Add the address of your destination cinema in the “Where to?” field. Want to request a ride home? Go to the pickup zone at the Berlinale venue, select your current location as pickup, type in your destination address, et voilà!

Step 3: Select Uber x Berlinale option

Can’t find the option? Scroll down the product selector - you’ll recognize it by a colourful vehicle icon. The Uber x Berlinale’s fare is exactly the same as for UberX.

Step 4: Confirm your selection

Confirm your selection and tap on “Request Uber x Berlinale” button. Your driver is on the way.

Step 5: Let’s roll!

Time to start your trip! Ride safe!

Exclusive Ticket competition

Starting from February 16 to February 24th, all Uber x Berlinale riders have the chance to win tickets to a Berlinale premiere. Winning with Uber x Berlinale is super easy - all it takes is Uber x Berlinale request and with a bit of luck you’ll find your Exclusive Ticket in the backseat, just waiting there for you… Each day we will hide 2 sets of 2 tickets inside the cars, so you can try your luck multiple times!

Each winner will receive with their tickets a tote bag and a sweet surprise. No luck with your Uber x Berlinale ride? No worries, you’ll get from us a promo code to sweeten your next ride with the Uber app.

Dates and premieres

Curious to know which premiere tickets are up for grabs? See the list below:

17 Feb, 18:45, Berlinale Palast
Irgendwann werden wir uns alles erzählen / Someday We Will Tell Each Other Everything

18 Feb, 19:15, Berlinale Palast

19 Feb, 19:00, Berlinale Palast
Ingeborg Bachmann – Reise in die Wüste / Ingeborg Bachmann - Journey into the desert

20 Feb, 18:15, Berlinale Palast

21 Feb, 18:45, Berlinale Palast
La grand chariot / The Plough

22 Feb, 19:00, Berlinale Palast
Roter Himmel / Afire

23 Feb, 19:00, Berlinale Palast

24 Feb, 18:45, Berlinale Palast
Bis ans Ende der Nacht / Till the End of the Night


  • Rides booked with Uber x Berlinale cost exactly the same as with the UberX option on the same route.

  • The Uber x Berlinale option is available to riders in Berlin wanting a ride to and from one of Berlinale’s cinemas. In order to book a ride with Uber x Berlinale option to a designated cinema location, the rider needs to be within the service area within the Berlin S-Bahn Ring for the ride option, type in the address of the Berlinale cinema and confirm. In order to request a return trip from the Berlinale cinema, riders need to be in the cinema’s pickup area and provide a destination address within the Uber x Berlinale option’s service area.

  • No, rides with the Uber x Berlinale option may only be booked for trips to or from Berlinale cinema locations. If you wish to ride someplace else, select UberX or any other ride option available in the city.

  • You can pay for your booked rides like for any other rides option.

  • As with all ride options, the actual time of arrival is dependent on the popularity of the ride option (the number of people trying to book the option at a given time), available drivers and their location. Sometimes this will mean longer arrival times. That is why Uber x Berlinale’s service area is limited to central districts of Berlin so that your product experience is more optimal.

  • We know that Berlinale premiere tickets are like hot cakes - everyone wants them but not everyone can get them. We want all the riders to have equal chances at snatching a win, therefore exchanging tickets is not possible. If you already know you cannot attend, share the tickets with your friends and family who you know will put them to a good use.

  • No, you cannot. The tickets are competition prizes and as such cannot be sold.

  • Make sure you are adding the code in the right section: open the app, select your account, click on “Wallet” icon and scroll down to the very bottom where “Promotions” section is visible. Click on “Add a promo code” button and type in your promo code. Do not add the promo code via “Add a voucher code” button - it will not work. Still cannot add the promo code? Please reach out via the Help section in the app.

Uber arranges transport contracts with professional and licensed rental car companies. Uber itself does not offer any transport service and is not responsible for the transport as such.

The Exclusive Ticket contest is open to all riders requesting trips with Uber x Berlinale in Berlin between February 16th and February 26th.

In order to participate in the contest, riders must request and complete Uber x Berlinale ride. Canceled trips are exempt from the contest.

There will be 16 winners who will be selected at random, 2 winners per each contest day.

The prize consists of 2 Berlinale tickets enabling riders to participate in a Berlinale movie premiere taking place the next day. Each contest day 2 prizes consisting of 2 tickets will be distributed.

The prize is non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for any cash alternatives in whole or in part.