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How to do your VAT registration for Fleet Partners

You have to register for VAT if you wish to create your Fleet to deliver food using the Uber platform. Consult a tax advisor for more details on criteria and requirements that apply to you.

Consequences of your VAT registration

VAT collected from providing services

As a Fleet Partner, you provide Delivery Services to the local Uber Eats entity, which are subject to 19% VAT. You are required to pay this VAT to the German Tax Authorities, by filing a VAT return. However, as you’ll read below, VAT due can be credited with the VAT incurred on business expenses.

VAT on business expenses

Besides collecting VAT, you might also incur it. When you are VAT registered, you are - under certain circumstances - allowed to reclaim the VAT incurred on business expenses, such as fuel or bike maintenance.

Uber Profile

Be sure to provide us with a valid VAT-number (by adding it to your Tax Profile / Invoice Settings page) and to update your tax profile in the Uber App. In case you are a courier employed under a Fleet Partner, you don’t need to fill this information as this information should be provided by your Fleet Partner.


    • Your turnover is the sum of the services you sold. On the Uber app this is the sales made to the the local Uber Eats entity. However, please be aware that for tax purposes you likely need to include the turnover from any other activities you perform outside of the Uber platform too.
    • We suggest you contact a your tax accountant or consultant to be sure you are calculating your turnover correctly
  • Please see the Tax Comments as prepared by KPMG

Every company is unique and so are their specific tax circumstances. As such, the information on this page may not cover your tax needs and it should not be relied upon to replace you seeking independent tax advice. Uber can’t provide you with tax advice for your individual situation, and therefore we strongly recommend speaking with a professional tax advisor to get tailored help and advice for your specific circumstances. The information on this page is for German audiences only.