Looking for a Marketing Associate / Prague

3. července 2017 / Česká republika

We are looking for a talented marketing professional to help us lead and manage user acquisition and engagement activities in Prague. We are looking for a passionate Uber lover and an independent business-driven executor to work with us full-time.


  • You have passion for Uber and growing the brand.
  • You are self-driven, organized, and reliable.
  • You are an influencer. You have your finger on the pulse of all major events happening around Prague.
  • You can easily manage teams of brand ambassadors and take care of events with ease. 
  • You are comfortable using technology (smartphones, iPads, Google docs, etc.)
  • You pull your own weight – literally. You are able to transport and set up on-site activation materials (i.e. Uber canopy tent, table, swag).
  • You are a confident self-starter. You don’t need someone telling you what to do on a daily basis. You wake up and have a plan of attack.
  • You have demonstrated experience in marketing through previous internships, campus involvement, academics, or a combination of all three.
  • Creative, graphic design experience helpful.
  • You are familiar with using social media accounts.



  • Leverage your own hyper-local market knowledge to identify and present strategic event and guerrilla marketing opportunities.
  • Develop new local partnerships via new online & offline channels and cater those contacts.
  • Engage with the core marketing team on a regular basis to brainstorm ideas for new rider and driver acquisition campaigns
  • Execute local on-demand stunts.
  • Assist in the distribution or delivery of local marketing materials

Social media

  • Local social media content creation.  
  • Propose new social media campaigns from the ground up, considering our clients’ needs and their specific industries
  • Monitor social channels for trending news, ideas and memes, then capitalize on those trends through our social media accounts


  • Active online presence and familiarity with social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
  • 1-3 year marketing/ PR experience
  • Influencer amongst your friends and community
  • Customer-oriented approach needed.
  • Solid writing background; experience blogging and/or editing (grammar nerds welcome).


  • Stimulative financial compensation.
  • The rare opportunity to change the world such that everyone around you is using the product you built. We’re not just another social web app, we’re moving real people and assets and reinventing transportation and logistics globally.
  • Ground floor opportunity with the team; shape the strategic direction of the company in local market


  • Send the 2 following documents in English in PDF to
    • Short CV
    • Tell us why you are the right fit for Uber and why is Uber right fit for you (1 page)