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Opportunity is everywhere

Make the most of your time on the road on the platform with the largest network of active riders.

Make money when you want

Be your own boss

Follow your weekly earnings in real time.

Manage your schedule

In accordance with your personal or family needs.

Drive with complete freedom

One click and you start. Another click and you stop. In all simplicity.

Become a professional driver

  • Create a driver account

    The first step is to create your driver account. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Make an appointment with an Uber Expert

    During this free appointment, an Expert will show you the steps to follow to become a professional driver. This appointment is free and without obligation.

  • Pass the necessary exams

    Passing the B121 and VTC exams gives you the opportunity to drive as a professional driver in Geneva. If you come to one of our partner reception areas, we will provide you with the necessary information to help you prepare for your exam.


We are here for you

Driving with Uber in Switzerland

Need some help?

Do you have a question about the steps to take? We're here to help you.

Contact us

Do you have any questions? Get answers by coming to meet us in one of our Greenlight Centers.

Drive safely and securely

The Uber app's features make you feel safe before, during and after your ride. And if you need help, you can contact our 24/7 support.

The Driver app

Easy to use and reliable, the app was built for drivers, with drivers.

Frequently asked questions from drivers

  • Uber operates in hundreds of cities around the world. Click below to find out if your city is one of them.

  • You must be the minimum age to drive in your city, have an eligible mode of transportation and provide the required documentation, including a valid driver's license.

  • Your safety is important to us. Uber has a global security team that works hard to prevent incidents. To learn more about in-app security features and safeguards like GPS tracking and phone number anonymization, follow the link below.

  • If you're interested in becoming an Uber driver-partner but need a car, you can get one through the options offered by our partners or from a fleet partner in some areas. Note that vehicle options may vary by city.

  • As a self-employed driver, it is your responsibility to obtain the appropriate freeway stickers. These stickers are valid for 1 year and can also be used on a personal basis. Please note that we do not reimburse the costs associated with this sticker to driver-partners.

Drive your way in the app

This is a promotional offer and is not a promise or guarantee of future earnings. This offer is available only to new drivers and delivery people on the Uber app who (i) have never previously signed up to drive or deliver with Uber; (ii) receive this offer directly from Uber and see it in the guarantee tracker of the Uber Driver app; (iii) are cleared to drive or deliver with Uber; and (iv) complete the number of trips or deliveries displayed in the guarantee tracker in the city where they signed up to drive within the specified timeframe. Offer terms such as number of trips or deliveries and reward amount may vary by location. The guarantee offer that you see in the app replaces any guarantee amounts Uber previously offered you.

Earnings from your trips (after services fees and certain charges are deducted, such as city or local government charges) are included toward your guaranteed amount; any tips and promotions you make are on top of that amount. Earnings from your deliveries (after services fees and certain charges are deducted, such as city or local government charges) and Eats Boost promotions are included toward your offer amount; any tips and additional promotions you make are on top of that amount.

Any payment due will be automatically added to your account after you complete the required trips. Each completed trip or delivery counts as one trip or delivery toward your minimum requirement. Canceled trips or deliveries do not count. This offer is only valid for those who received it from Uber (via an email, an ad, a web page, or a unique referral link) and meet the eligibility requirements. Uber reserves the right to withhold or deduct payments that it determines or believes were fraudulent, illegal, in error, or in violation of the driver terms or these terms. Limited time only. Offer and terms are subject to change.