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Looking for Terrebonne taxi cabs?

While you can’t request Terrebonne taxi cabs with the Uber app, you can request UberX, a different affordable ride option near you. Enjoy unique features like on demand requests 24/7 for last-minute trips and see affordable upfront prices when you use Uber. Your ride is a few taps away.

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Why riders choose UberX in Terrebonne

Welcome to the ride option that’s ready when you are. You can request a ride when you need to travel near or far in Terrebonne. You’ll also enjoy 24/7 requesting, helpful in-app safety features, and upfront pricing to budget ahead for your trip. Try this day-or-night ride option to head to your destination.

  • 24/7 requesting

    Request UberX when and where you want. From early morning to late-night ride needs, you can depend on 24/7 requesting with UberX to get you where you need to go in Terrebonne.

  • Helpful safety features

    Uber prioritizes safety for every rider in Terrebonne. In a few taps, you can access customer support and share trip details with loved ones. View driver profiles, too, to see ratings and more to get to know your driver before the trip begins.

  • Upfront pricing

    See prices at the beginning of each trip that are the same at the end. With no surprise charges, you can feel confident booking more rides in the future.


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Looking for taxis? Try these ride options instead

Room for 4

Vehicles for up to 4 riders

Room for 6

Vehicles for up to 6 riders

Rates of UberX

View the common rate for popular Uber trips in Terrebonne ahead of your next ride with Uber.

On average, a 20 minute ride in Terrebonne costs $29.

Nearby ride services

24/7 Terrebonne rides

Whether you want to explore local restaurant favourites or need a quick ride to the grocery store or another place, consider requesting a trip with UberX to make your ride happen. The Uber app allows you to connect with drivers at any time so your travel needs in Terrebonne are met.

Business travel

For out-of-town meetings and lengthy commutes to the office, consider riding with UberX. Your ride can be booked 24/7 so you’re on the road and headed to your dropoff location in no time. While the driver focuses on getting you to your destination, you can focus on getting work done.

Airport transportation

Make airport travel easy by requesting a ride with the Uber app the next time you’re considering getting a ride. With instant requesting available in the app, you can confirm your trip as soon as you need a ride to or from the airport. Head to a hotel from the airport after a long flight, or visit another place.

Frequently asked questions

  • While you can’t request a cab using Uber in Terrebonne, you can request a trip with UberX, a different ride option with unique features, directly from the Uber app. To get started, open the Uber app, enter your pickup and dropoff locations, then select UberX from the list of ride options. You’ll be matched with a driver to assist you with your trip.

  • Yes. You can give cash to your driver directly or use the Uber app to provide a tip. At the end of your trip, you will be prompted to rate your driver and will be given the option to tip.

  • Safety is a top priority for every ride with Uber. You can access in-app safety features to help you stay protected from pickup to dropoff. Share trip details with contacts, access the emergency assistance button to call local authorities, and explore more safety features, all from the Uber app.

  • With the Uber app, you can request a ride 24/7 to connect with a driver, enjoy upfront prices that stay the same from pickup to dropoff, and access in-app safety features to help you stay protected while you ride.

  • With the Uber app, you can explore ride options that have rider limits ranging between 4 and 6 people. The passenger limit for a taxi in your area varies by vehicle and jurisdiction.

  • Although you can’t request a wheelchair-accessible taxi in Terrebonne, you can check the Uber app for the Uber WAV ride option. With Uber WAV, you can request an affordable wheelchair-accessible vehicle and ride with specialized drivers to assist you.

  • Visit the Account section of the Uber app, tap on Trips, and select the trip on which you lost the item. Next, tap Find Lost Item, and follow the in-app instructions.