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Working at Uber in Osasco

Bem-vindo ao Brasil! Work in Osasco alongside talented and engaging people who are as keen to change the world as you are. The work you will be doing here could have a huge impact on how people move in Latin America, building products people use every day.


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    How Erica Riello uses her career in tech in favor of inclusion

    At Uber, Erica has found an opportunity to apply her knowledge and life experience in a product with global impact.

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    On the job with Leandro Fernandez

    As the Safety & Insurance Engineering led, Leandro and his team help build the innovative technology designed to protect the health and safety of everyone who uses Uber.

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    Uber on LinkedIn

    Keep up on the latest stories from Uber on our LinkedIn page.

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    Uber Brazil blog

    Updates from our communications team.

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Local Operations
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Teams in Osasco

  • Engineering

    Started fairly recently, this is our first engineering site in Latin America. A place where ~170 software engineers, product managers, designers and data scientists are building the safety tools for our platform globally.

  • Operations

    The Operations team in Brazil is tasked with managing, optimizing, and growing our business across Latin America. From our technological platform services connected to ridesharing services, to scaling Uber Eats, and the expansion of new modalities, this team is on the front lines of growing our business.

  • Restaurants (Uber Eats)

    The Restaurants team in Brazil includes all Uber Eats' commercial roles. They are responsible for finding, developing, and engaging the best venues in order for us to provide variety and high quality to our app users. This team is critical for Eats' growth and success!

  • Community Operations

    The Community Operations team in Brazil has the mission of leading Uber’s Customer Support strategy and advocating for customer obsession across our platform connected to ridesharing, food delivery, business solutions, and new mobility in Latin America. This team is the face of the company to our users!

  • Uber for Business (U4B)

    Uber for Business is a technology platform that helps customers make their employees’ ground travel simpler through our app services. We look for Sales, Business Development & Client Success talent, to help us grow our B2B presence.

  • Marketing

    The mission of the Marketing team based in Brazil is to expand and deepen the meaning of our brand in the market, embed humanity into our products, and drive demand for our platform & all its technological platform services across ridesharing, food delivery, business solutions, and new mobility.

  • Corporate

    Corporate functions are fundamental to our success. Our Legal, Policy, HR, Finance, Communications, Security, and Workplace teams in Brazil are a highly passionate and talented group of individuals that provide the necessary support in order for our business to keep growing.