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Uber for everyone

A ride for every reason

We’ve learned that people use ridesharing apps for all kinds of things. We’re focused on making Uber the best option for however you decide to ride.

There when you need it

With more drivers using the Uber app than any other ridesharing app, you can count on Uber for a late-night or early-morning pickup. No matter where you’re going—whether just out and about, headed to the airport, or somewhere else—we’ve got you covered.

The smart choice

Use Uber when you need a designated driver. You never know when a casual dinner with friends can become a big night out. Skip the part where you have to worry about who’s OK to drive.

Your ride all over town

Even if you drive your own car to work, Uber is a great option for midday trips between meetings. Plan the rest of your day from the back seat while you’re on the way.

Forget parking

Whether you’re headed to the big game or the grocery store, don’t spend another minute thinking about parking. Decide exactly where to be picked up or dropped off and avoid the crowd.

When you’re on business

Traveling for work? Our receipts go straight to your inbox, so you’ll know exactly how much you paid for every ride. Your accountant thanks you in advance.

Be in 2 places at once

You don’t need to do the driving anymore. Schedule an Uber trip for a friend or family member. Share your ETA and you can both follow your ride in real time.