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What Pride means to us

June 2, 2021 / Global

Everyone has a right to move, eat, work, and live openly and without fear. We all have a right to pride. This June and beyond, Uber is committed to helping empower a better experience for our LGBTQIA+ community. Every moment, every interaction matters – and it takes everyone.

Progress starts with people 

We asked members across our Pride at Uber ERG what Pride means to them:

Here’s some of what we’re already doing to create a better experience for our LGBTQIA+ community at Uber:

  • We have Community Guidelines in place that explicitly prohibit discrimination
  • We’ve created a standalone option in our app to report discrimination
  • We’ve introduced transgender services to support our corporate employees and independent earners on the Uber platform on their transgender journey
  • We’ve committed free rides and meals to nearly 20 NGOs globally, including The Trevor Project, Vida Alegre, Albert Kennedy Trust, and TransEmpregos

And what we’re working on:

  • Creating new product features that allow transgender drivers, delivery people, and riders to use their self-identified chosen first name on our platform
  • Setting up a fund to help cover the costs associated with updating one’s name and gender on state and federal IDs and records
  • Implementing LGBTQIA+ bystander training for our corporate employees and everyone using our platform
  • Listening, learning, and engaging with community members to better support those using our platform

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