Tips and tricks for surviving the Seattle Squeeze

December 27, 2018 / Washington

January 11, 2019 kicks off the “Seattle Squeeze,” marked by the closure of the State Route 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct for about 3 weeks until the new tunnel opens. Experts expect gridlock on our roadways and Uber wants to help you prepare for this challenging time.

When you’re behind the wheel

Your patience may soon be tested on the road. Here are our tips and tricks for staying safe and out of a jam:

  • The Seattle Police Department will be ticketing violators who block bus lanes, bicycle lanes, or otherwise impeding traffic flow. The Department has advised your best bet will be finding a loading zone, pulling into a parking spot, or heading into an open alleyway when you’re picking up or dropping off riders.
  • Uber navigation will be updating the mapping with the latest construction and road closures.
  • Consider when you want to drive—congestion in downtown Seattle will be at its worst during morning and evening commute hours.

What Uber is doing to help reduce congestion

Here are ways we are working collectively to make a difference during the Seattle Squeeze.

  • Through February 15, we’re providing a $2.75 discount—which doesn’t affect your earnings— to riders who use Uber to request rides to eligible transit stations. In doing so, we hope to help provide you with more trips, while reducing traffic downtown.
  • We’re increasing the number of JUMP Bikes in downtown Seattle and waiving the $1 unlock fee through February 15, so riders can zip around easily without contributing to congestion.
  • With around 400 employees downtown, Uber wants to help keep cars off the road during the 3-week SR 99 viaduct closure. That’s why we’re offering a more flexible work-from-home policy during this time for everyone in our Uber Seattle offices.


If you find yourself in a jam, take a deep breath, keep calm, and drive safe.

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