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Announcing the Uber Open Summit Sofia 2019

March 15, 2019 / Global

Open source software plays a big part at Uber and other San Francisco Bay Area tech companies, but its impact can be felt globally. Engineers all over the world launch new open source projects that find widespread adoption among leading tech companies. Similarly, engineers can learn and engage with a global community by contributing useful code to existing open source projects, no matter where they live.

Uber hosts over 350 open source projects and repositories. Last year we joined The Linux Foundation as a Gold member to further our commitment to open source. Jaeger, now a Cloud Native Computing Foundation-hosted project, maintained its place on InfoWorld’s list of the best open source software for cloud computing, while Horovod, now an LF Deep Learning Foundation-hosted project, won a place on InfoWorld’s list of best open source software for machine learning. We invite engineers to add their expertise to these projects and find new uses for the software.

To celebrate the global reach of our open source efforts, we are hosting the Uber Open Summit 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. This summit will be an opportunity for engineers from Europe to learn and take part in presentations and workshops about our most impactful open source projects. Uber’s Sofia engineering office plays a critical part developing our tax and compliance systems.

The summit will feature one of Uber’s latest open source projects, Ludwig, a tool that opens deep learning to a wider realm of users. Ludwig creator Piero Molino will be on hand to introduce the tool and walk attendees through a simple use case, showing off its flexibility and usability.

We will also feature our big data and analytics open source projects M3 and Marmaray, highlighting a growing area of importance for industry. And a session on data visualization will give an introduction to the set of open source tools we have released that let us literally see what data looks like. We end the summit with a panel discussing their experiences and challenges contributing to open source projects.

The Uber Open Summit Sofia occurs on April 20 in Sofia, Bulgaria. If you are interested in attending, sign up here.

Click here for more information on Uber’s Open Source projects.