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Meet Tomasz Krawczyk, our Senior Director of US and Canada Community Operations

May 25, 2021 / Global

Tomasz Krawczyk leads our Community Operations team in the US & Canada, which provides Customer Support, Driver Onboarding, and Inbound Merchant Sales. Below, we chatted with Tomasz about how he drives a culture of internal mobility, on-the-job growth, and inclusion across the team.

What attracted you to join Uber?

“I was attracted by the fast moving and collaborative environment where team members are passionate about their work. I loved the opportunity to build an organization and for my work to have an immediate impact on the team and on our customers. Uber is an amazing place to grow, learn and build while being able to be yourself and know your teammates always have your back.” 

Describe your team and role. 

“I lead US & Canada Community Operations. We provide Customer Support, Driver Onboarding and Inbound Merchant Sales for all of Uber’s businesses. We are the human part of Uber and considered the eyes, ears, voice and face of the organization. We design and manage the customer support experience and are the voice of our customers for the broader organization.” 

What makes Community Operations unique? 

“Community Operations is a diverse organization that welcomes people at all stages in their careers. It’s a place where you are accepted and respected for who you are and where you can grow your career based on your drive and potential. We are one of the few organizations that cut across all of Uber and we get to learn about and work with many different businesses. It’s also a place where you can help others and have a significant impact on our many different customers, from drivers and small business owners to people just trying to get from place to place or their next meal.” 

How do you support on-the-job growth? 

“The most important part of career and personal growth is learning on the job. With aggressive business growth, continuous change and the breadth and depth of our scope, we are never settled in the comfort zone. You can take on much larger responsibilities and grow into the job with support of the team. I am incredibly proud to see team members who have built amazing careers in the organization. 

Beyond day-to-day on the job learning, we provide a budget for professional development for employees and partner with the HR team for many official learning and development opportunities.” 

What does internal mobility in Community Operations look like and how do you drive career growth across the team?  

“Many of our team members have had multiple roles in their career at Uber. We encourage internal mobility and the ability to take on new challenges. For customer facing staff, we focus on opportunities to move into program, project or sales roles within Community Operations or across Uber. For non-customer facing roles, many of our team members joined us from other functions at Uber and conversely many who started in Community Operations have moved to roles in Operations, Product or Tech.” 

Community Operations is noted for its diversity. How do you drive inclusion across the organization?

“We try to drive a culture where everyone is accepted and respected, no matter who they are. We have a very diverse team in terms of gender, race, life stage, geographies, backgrounds and experiences. It’s important that we embrace diversity and act as one community. 57% of our leaders are women who are strong role models for the organization and 56% of our team are from underrepresented populations. 

We continue to expand initiatives to drive diversity and inclusion and it’s always a work in progress. We are proud of being one of the most diverse organizations at Uber but there is still work to be done.” 

What core principles ground your leadership style? 

“I value being transparent and genuine. I believe people should be themselves and be able to take risks and learn from their mistakes. I try to make myself approachable and always listen to different perspectives. I push the team to do their best but try to always provide support and do everything I can to set the team and individuals up for success.” 

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