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How two former professional athletes, a teacher and chef are building their next chapter at Uber

March 31, 2021 / Global

Searching for people to join Uber means thinking outside the box and going beyond the pedigree that we’ve traditionally used to vet talent. There’s no mold to fit. No box to check. We’re interested in you. Your passion, creativity, drive, and experiences. People who can introduce new ways of thinking and bring unique perspectives to decision making and problem solving. People who can help serve diverse customers.

That’s how it came to be that last January, two former professional athletes, a teacher, chef, and eight others––all from a compelling variety of backgrounds––joined together in a virtual classroom to form the second cohort of our Talent Acquisition Academy Program (TAAP). In just a few months, they would go from having little-to-no Sourcing or Recruiting experience into full-time Sourcers––nimble scouts responsible for finding talent to fill some of our most important roles across Uber.

“That’s the magic of TAAP. We offer an immersive program designed to train people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We provide comprehensive support, investing in success through mentorship, hands-on training, and real hiring impact across global teams.”

Hannah Brock, who founded TAAP in 2019

This Uber-born 16-week program typically hosts just 12 people to ensure the team has enough support and one-on-one coaching. Originally intended to be in-person, the program quickly became virtual last April, adapting to being remote while facilitating hands-on interaction and learning. 

“I spent seven years as both a high school Math Teacher and then as an Instructional Technology Coach. It was as a coach that I found my passion for seeking potential in others and maximizing processes. Although it was a hard decision to leave education, I was ready for a change where I could continue to grow and learn. This was the perfect opportunity for me to take my skills and apply them to a new career path while having the support of others going through the same journey.”

Jessica Stubbs, current TAAP member

Here’s how it works: The team spends the first four weeks learning the building blocks of Sourcing and Recruiting from specialists across Talent Acquisition and the business. With tools in their belt, they begin getting to work in week five, sourcing for open roles across multiple teams. In the final weeks of the program, they finish assignments and prepare for graduation. Throughout the program, TAAP members receive guidance and support from mentors, Program Managers, and Hiring Managers so they are prepared for team placement. 

“Talent Acquisition is a fast-paced organization, but the program sets you up to be successful and be able to use your tools and resources to the best of your ability. You get the opportunity to think outside the box and share your thoughts on things that can be improved, and ways that collectively we can bring in talent for Uber,”

Paisley Horn, former TAAP program member

After program completion, TAAP graduates are matched with roles across Sourcing teams. Even after the formal program ends, the team stays connected with frequent social and collaboration sessions. The first TAAP team graduated last September. The second group is currently training and getting ready to Source and hire real candidates in the coming weeks. 

“It’s always amazing to me how fast time flies and how soon TAAP members begin matching candidates with teams at Uber––making a real hiring impact and changing lives, all while in a training environment. To me, TAAP is more than just a team or program. We support and help each other succeed. As a former Sourcer, it’s important to me that I help other people find and grow their careers in Talent Acquisition,” Hannah shared. “TAAP is a place where people from non-traditional career backgrounds can thrive. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion starts with who we hire and train to find talented candidates. I’m a firm believer that there is no better education or learning than on-the-job, and that’s the reason why TAAP works.”

If you have curiosity, passion, and a collaborative spirit, consider joining us →