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Seamless Travel With Uber and KLM

October 27, 2014 / Global

In 2,5 weeks the day comes. Visiting Rome for a week. A short trip to get away from the Dutch autumn weather to explore the city of Roman antiquity. Very nice of course, such a city trip, but flying somewhere is always a bit of a hassle: “When do we have to leave? Where is our gate? How do we get to the hotel?” Things that you really don’t want to worry about. Good news! This is not longer necessary!

Door to door with Uber & KLM

Uber and KLM have teamed up to make your door to door journey as easy as possible! Whether it comes to booking your ticket or checking in at the right counter, KLM ensures this will be as easy as possible. And after that, Uber helps you to find your way directly to your hotel in that unfamiliar city. With the best service Uber and KLM make your journey a seamless one.

Do you want to experience how to travel seamless and in style with Uber and KLM? All you have to do is to book a KLM city trip (from €99) between October 27 and November 11 to one of the seventy European destinations and get € 30 Uber credits for free! This credit can be used upon arrival at your destination or at a different moment that is more convenient.

Book your city trip with KLM or plan your Uber trip on your destination with the KLM-Uber planner.

Get the most out of your city trip with Uber and KLM!

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