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AI, Engineering

Deep Continuous Fusion for Multi-Sensor 3D Object Detection

September 1, 2018 / Global


In this paper, we propose a novel 3D object detector that can exploit both LIDAR as well as cameras to perform very accurate localization. Towards this goal, we design an end-to-end learnable architecture that exploits continuous convolutions to fuse image and LIDAR feature maps at different levels of resolution. Our proposed continuous fusion layer encode both discrete-state image features as well as continuous geometric information. This enables us to design a novel, reliable and efficient end-to-end learnable 3D object detector based on multiple sensors. Our experimental evaluation on both KITTI as well as a large scale 3D object detection benchmark shows significant improvements over the state of the art.


Ming Liang, Bin Yang, Shenlong Wang, Raquel Urtasun


ECCV 2018

Full Paper

‘Deep Continuous Fusion for Multi-Sensor 3D Object Detection’ (PDF)

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