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Rider guide for the big 2023 music festivals in Coachella Valley

April 7 / Palm Springs

The Palm Springs area is expected to be busier than normal throughout April. Here are some ways to help ensure a 5-star experience at the big music festivals in Indio and other sites across the city.

Know before you go

Festival rideshare zones: Although Uber is not operating a dedicated pickup and dropoff zone at the big music festivals in Coachella Valley this year, the events have 2 designated areas for ridesharing:

  • North Pickup/Dropoff: Lot 1D on Ave 49 and Monroe St
  • South Pickup/Dropoff: Lot 13A on Ave 52 and Madison St

Wait times: Thousands of music fans will be looking for rides from the polo grounds during the festivals, so you should expect much higher than normal wait times each night, especially after the headliners finish.

Increased prices: There will be a $20 event surcharge for pickups in the vicinity of the polo grounds each night of the music festivals between the hours of 10pm and 3am. This surcharge will be included in the upfront price you see before you request. All of the event surcharge goes to your driver.

Multiple ways to ride: Whether you’re looking for shorter wait times or more legroom, consider all ride options when leaving the festival. Also, the event offers fan shuttles to different sites across the city, so riders can purchase shuttle passes and get dropped off at those locations away from festival traffic, where they can then request a ride with Uber to their end destination.

Safety reminders

Check your ride, every time: It’s always recommended to confirm these key details that uniquely identify your ride before you enter the car: the vehicle make and model, the driver’s name and photo, and the license plate number. If the information doesn’t match up, do not get into the car. Go to a safe place and wait for the right car to arrive, or cancel the ride and report it to us. In an emergency, or if you feel threatened, contact law enforcement immediately by dialing 911.

PIN verification: As an optional extra layer of protection, Uber’s PIN verification feature can help make sure you’re getting into the right vehicle with the right driver. If you’ve opted in, you’ll receive a unique 4-digit PIN whenever you request a ride. Before entering your driver’s vehicle, tell them your PIN; if they’re the driver the app matched you with, they’ll be able to start the trip after they enter your PIN into their app.

Know the area: Event organizers recommend that fans request rides from one of the 2 designated rideshare areas and avoid attempting to do so from other properties or neighborhoods around the event.

Share your trip: As a rider, you can share your location and trip status with friends and family, all right from the app.

Emergency Button: This feature allows riders in distress while on a trip to share their vehicle and GPS information with 911 at the touch of a button.

Other tips

Double-check your belongings: Before exiting the vehicle, make sure you haven’t left anything behind. If you realize later you may have done so, you can contact your driver. Find out how.

Avoid the rush: Leaving before the final show may help you beat the surge of fans requesting rides when the event ends.

Look for directions: Check the app for directions and look for signs around the festival grounds to find designated rideshare areas.

Stand out in a crowd: With Spotlight, you can light up your phone with a special color to show your driver where you are.

Chat in-app: It’s easy to connect with your driver to confirm the pickup location—just send a message in the Uber app.