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Our University Recruiters top tips for acing your internship interview

April 7, 2021 / Global

Top tips for your internship interview from our University Recruiters.

Myriam Abascal
Associate Program Manager, University Talent Acquisition | Mexico City 

Get to know yourself and evaluate the opportunity

“The only thing we’re looking for during the recruitment process is to get to know you: who are you? What personal or professional experiences make you who you are? What are you looking to learn in your internship? What motivates you about this opportunity? Be sure to think about these questions beforehand and use them in your responses to differentiate yourself. 

And remember, your interview is not only a chance for us to learn about you, but for you to learn about us. Compare the opportunity to your ideal role and ask questions to find out if it is really what you are looking for. Bring your whole self to your interview and enjoy the process!” 

Logan Lacy 
Senior MBA Recruiter | San Francisco

Research the role and team

“Many times after my candidates interview, I’ll receive feedback from hiring teams around how the candidate didn’t seem interested in Uber specifically. They may be excited about tech or the future of transportation, but they didn’t show why they want to work at Uber. 

My advice is to show your interest in 3 different ways. First, make sure to show the interviewer that you have done your research. They may ask you directly why you want to work at Uber or in that role, but if they don’t, be sure to incorporate your research into your answer. For example, if they ask you about your experience with a technology/tool, when you are giving your answer, tie it into something that Uber is currently doing with that tool/technology (because you did your research beforehand). 

Secondly, tie your goals and experience to the larger picture at the company. At Uber, innovation and dealing with unique problems are a huge part of our culture. Talk about how you have experienced examples of each or why you are the right person to come in and contribute to that culture. 

Finally, during the Q&A portion, drive home your interest in the role and team though the questions you ask. Why did the interviewer choose to work on that team? If they’ve been there for a few years, why do they stay? Find out what key motivators are important for that interviewer and then relate your answer to those motivators. This is a great way to connect with the interviewer on a personal level as well.”

Rashida Rohawala
Senior University Recruiter | Chennai

Be curious and ask questions

“We often hear from students about how nervous they were during the interview and hence could not give their best. At the same time, we find hiring managers often appreciating the curiosity showcased by the candidate during the interview. 

A tip to help beat nervousness is to treat the interview more like a conversation and ask questions. Pretend that you have met the interviewer in a social situation when you ask them questions, if that helps. Lead questions with genuine interest and ask clarifying questions before you respond. This will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are truly interested in the role and that you will bring your intellectual curiosity to your role.”

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