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Case study: How Kyle, Texas, benefits from rideshare

March 14 / US

Engineering, Backend
How We Unified Configuration Distribution Across Systems at Uber

March 9 / Global

Why some customers might get charged before a trip

March 8 / Global

Case study: DART goes big in 30 zones

March 6 / US

Engineering, Backend
Uber’s Sustainable Engineering Journey

March 2 / Global

Engineering, AI, Data / ML
D3: An Automated System to Detect Data Drifts

February 23 / Global

Engineering, Backend
Fixing Go’s Linker: An Unexpected Journey into ARM64, DWARF, and Linker Internals

February 16 / Global

Engineering, Backend
uAct – Unified Action Platform

February 9 / Global

Engineering, Mobile
How the Uber Membership Team Developed the ActionCard Design Pattern to Do More with Less

February 2 / Global

Amerigroup Georgia, GPCA, and Uber Health join forces to expand maternal health access

February 2 / US

Engineering, Data / ML
Containerizing the Beast – Hadoop NameNodes in Uber’s Infrastructure

January 26 / Global

Deliver, Earn
The Uber One Super Bowl LVII Sweepstakes for Couriers

January 20 / US

How Brightline transforms customer experience at all steps of the journey, with Brightline+ and Uber

January 19 / US

Engineering, Backend
Scaling Adoption of Kerberos at Uber

January 19 / Global

Business, Ride
JetBlue Vacations offers travelers rides with Uber

January 6 / US

Driver products, Drive
Introducing in-car tablets

December 30, 2022 / US

Devpod: Improving Developer Productivity at Uber with Remote Development

December 13, 2022 / Global


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