$10 Off Weekend Rides Between New Canaan and Stamford

July 28, 2016 / New England

Every day, tens of thousands of Connecticuters rely on the Metro-North transportation network to get around. Whether you’re commuting to work or visiting friends and family, the Metro-North Railroad is an affordable, reliable option for when you want or need to travel car-free.

But from July 22 through August 21, getting to and from New Canaan and Stamford by rail on the weekend is impossible. Due to maintenance closures at New Canaan train stations, service between New Canaan and Stamford will be limited on Fridays, and suspended on Saturdays and Sundays through August 21.

To help bridge this temporary transportation gap, we’re offering Connecticuters $10 off weekend rides between New Canaan and Stamford from now until August 21. Ride from anywhere in New Canaan to the Stamford train station, and you’ll automatically get $10 off your ride—making your total fare less than what you’d pay for daily parking in Stamford. And same goes for the other way around—request a ride to New Canaan from the Stamford station and get $10 off your trip.

We know that summer weekends are sacred, and so we hope to help make your travel plans as seamless and affordable as possible during this time of limited rail access.


  • Promotion is available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through August 21
  • Trips must be taken between the Stamford Metro-North train station and the Town of New Canaan for promotion to apply
  • $10 will automatically be deducted from your total fare if your ride fits the above criteria
  • Each person is eligible to receive the $10 off promotion up to 4 times from now through August 21