UberPITCH Comes to Miami

December 4, 2015 / Miami

Miami entrepreneurs, your big break is arriving now.

For Miami Tech Week, we’re teaming up with local investors to deliver opportunity at the tap of a button. On Wednesday, December 9 from 11 am – 3 pm,  you could have 15 minutes to pitch your startup idea to an investor – all in the backseat of an Uber ride.

That’s not all: The entrepreneur that delivers the winning pitch will receive a prize courtesy of Rokk3r Labs – either $5,000 to invest in his / her startup OR an invitation to participate in Rokk3r Lab’s exclusive Think Phase program, valued at $25,000.




  • Make sure you have the Uber app installed
  • Open your app, tap the Profile icon in the top left corner, and tap Promotions
  • Enter promotion code MIAPITCH
  • Request a ride in the PITCH option on Wednesday, December 9 from 11am – 3pm
  • If connected, you will be picked up by Uber with an investor inside the vehicle and have 15 minutes to pitch your idea. After 15 minutes, you will be dropped back off at the original pick-up location
  • All UberPITCH rides are free
  • Demand will be high. If no investors are available, please try again


David Chitester Florida Funders
David Rivera Independent Angel Investor
Estaban Reyes 57 Capital
Kathleen Chitester Florida Funders
Mike O’Donnell Startup Biz
Natasha Petrukhin Rokk3r Labs
Nico Bernardi Accelerated Growth Partners
Paul Taormino Tamiami Angels
Rhys Williams New World Angels
Richard Yules New World Angels
RJ Joshi Cross Valley Capital
Shaun Abrahamson Urban.Us


  • Venture Hive is hosting a free pitch class Tuesday, December 8 from 2 – 4 pm (Venture Hive, 1010 NE 2nd Ave, Miami 33132) RSVP HERE


  • The entrepreneurs with the top 5 pitches will be invited to a final round to pitch before a panel of judges for the grand prize at the PITCH closing reception, Wednesday, December 9 @ 4:30 pm at WeWork Lincoln Road. RSVP HERE 
  • WeWork Lincoln Road is located at 350 Lincoln Road, however the entrance is on Washington Avenue. Upon arrival, please proceed to the second floor. See you there! 


  • About the Think Phase program: The Rokk3r Labs Think Phase delivers go-to market and funding strategies, market analysis, tech roadmap, and a budget/operational plan for any startup idea, at any stage. With 3 billion new minds coming online, and the rate of innovation skyrocketing as a result of technologies like artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and machine learning becoming more accessible, the Think Phase helps entrepreneurs navigate the unknown with confidence.
  • Think Phase guidelines:
    • The Think Phase does not guarantee any kind of business success following its completion.
    • Rokk3r Labs and the entrepreneur(s) are not obligated to continue the partnership after the Think Phase is completed, unless mutually agreed.
    • To the best of the entrepreneur(s’) knowledge, their concept does not infringe/violate intellectual property of any third party.
    • A standard Rokk3r Labs Think Phase legal agreement will be shared with the entrepreneur(s) to review prior to starting the Think Phase.
  • About Rokk3r Labs: Rokk3r Labs is the best place in the world to launch companies that change the world. It is a platform for entrepreneurs to create startups that perform at least 10x greater than competitors, and a strategic partner for investors and organizations to increase value, mitigate risks and stay at the edge of innovation. With a focus on leveraging exponential technologies (e.g., the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing) and implementing new-age methods of raising capital, Rokk3r Labs is harnessing global collective genius to cobuild companies that change the world. Currently, Rokk3r Labs has a portfolio of 26 companies. Visit to learn more.


Investors will rank each pitch on a scale of 1 – 10, considering the following main criteria outlined by Rokk3r Labs:
  1. The big-vision potential of the idea to change the world or cause a massive cultural shift;
  2. The potential of the idea to leverage algorithms, machine learning, and other exponential technologies that are rapidly accelerating the rate of innovation;
  3. The investor’s likelihood of investing in the entrepreneur based on the drive, passion and excitement of the entrepreneur with respect to entrepreneurship and their idea.
The top 5 ranked pitches will be announced at the event, where these entrepreneurs will get to pitch. In the event of a tie, the qualitative comments from the investors will be leveraged to break the tie. Each entrepreneur will be given 3 minutes to pitch their idea, and the judging panel will reserve an additional 2 minutes for Q&A. A panel of judges will judge the 5 pitches based on the 3 criteria above, and in addition, will more in-depth consider the following 5 components:
  1. Product/Market fit – what is the potential of this idea to achieve the the best product/market fit.
  2. Technology innovation – what is the potential of this idea to properly leverage technology and is there room for this to be taken to the next level.
  3. Validation – to what extent has this idea been validated against one or a number of target groups, and what is the potential for this as the idea progresses.
  4. Revenue/User generation – what is the potential of this idea to either generate revenue, or acquire a large group of users, and what is the potential time frame for this.
  5. Experience – how does this idea put a target user at the centre of the experience, and how will the idea help the target user execute a task or solve a problem.


WeWork is the platform for creators. We provide the space and services entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers need to create a life, not just a living. With weekly events, support, and access to 25,000+ members around the world, WeWork is the place to grow your business in 2015 and beyond. We are thrilled to join the vibrant Miami startup community. We invite you to visit us at 350 Lincoln Road to experience the space and benefits WeWork has to offer.