UberLUX for Realtors: Luxury Real Estate Agent Josh Flagg Shares His Key to the Sale

March 29, 2016 / Los Angeles

You may know Josh Flagg from his hit reality show, but for Flagg, it isn’t just about selling homes – it’s about selling a lifestyle.

He sells with the complete client experience in mind. That’s why Flagg makes sure his clients arrive and depart in the ultimate luxury of UberLUX rides.

We caught up with Flagg to learn more about the art of the sell, how to arrive in style, and why he is bringing UberLUX to the real estate scene.

What are your tips for making a sale?

As a high-end real estate agent, my job is to pair my clients with their luxury, dream home. In order to do this, I have to make sure that every detail of the sale is handled perfectly. When I need reliable transportation that I can count on, I purchase rides for my clients using UberEVENTS. I know I can trust UberLUX to get my clients where they need to be quickly and safely – and with comfort and style. It is truly a first-class, luxury experience. I send cars to pick up my clients, and I use the service when I run across town for dinner, meetings, or running errands.

JoshFlagg-in car seatbelt

How do you “sell a lifestyle” to your clients?

My clients want the very best. They are drawn to the high quality and exclusivity of Beverly Hills, which means that when they come out to a showing, they want to arrive in a Mercedes. When UberLUX picks you up, it’s a thrilling experience that can set the tone for the entire interaction.

Why is it more than just about the home?

In my business, selling multimillion-dollar homes is all about the presentation, and selling an experience. These are houses that may be kept for a lifetime—so it’s essential that I provide the perfect setting—from start to finish—to help give them a taste of what the experience feels like, living in one of these homes.

Outside of real estate, what tip do you have for people to live a successful life?

As someone who sells homes for a living, I feel is it essential that you learn to be “at home” in the present moment.  Buying a home helps with creating a lifestyle, but being present is what helps you to truly live the lifestyle.


We are excited to partner with Flagg as he brings UberLUX to the real estate industry!