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Inside Uber Hong Kong with our Head of Mobility

August 4, 2021 / Global

In Hong Kong, our relationship with you might start with a tap, but it runs deeper. Our goal is to build smarter, more efficient cities and improve the quality of life for the people who live in them. To deliver on our big vision and growth plans, our local team is working hard to ensure Uber is a loved and trusted brand ingrained in the fabric of daily life. Estyn Chung, our General Manager of Hong Kong Rides, is passionate about the future of mobility, where anyone can get a ride.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Estyn: “Australian raised Hongkonger. Husband. Father. Foodie on a contrarian quest to stay fit. Passionate about using technology to improve user experience and make our lives easier!”  

You previously worked in Investment Banking, Employer Branding, and now in Rides at Uber. Tell us about your career journey and any factors that influenced the roles you pursued.

Estyn: “I like to think of my career journey as different seasons in my life. In each season, I have different motivations, goals and priorities. What I have realised is that we spend more than half of our lives at work so it’s important that our career makes us happy so we are happy even when we are not at work. For me, that is driven by a few factors: Can I make an impact? Am I able to learn important skills? Will I be working with like-minded people and having fun?”

What does it mean to be a General Manager at Uber?

Estyn: “It means an opportunity––or even a responsibility––to use technology and resources available to help modernise transportation in Hong Kong.”

What are you focused on today?

Estyn: “Accelerating the growth of our taxi product and becoming an app that Hongkongers use every day.”

What are the most interesting challenges you need to solve?

Estyn: “Every day we need to get more people to adopt e-hailing so we have more requests for trips, and balance this with getting more drivers to understand how our app can provide an opportunity to earn more income in a flexible way. Longer-term, we want to build a one-stop transportation platform where Hongkongers can press a button and go anywhere, anytime, anyhow.”

What’s the culture like at Uber in Hong Kong? 

Estyn: “What binds our team is a desire to make an impact and be a force for good for Hong Kong. We act like owners: we are all invested in the business decisions we make and we like to make big, bold bets. Testing and experimentation are critical to innovation and growing our business. Every day we want to create an environment with autonomy, transparency and where everyone feels comfortable bringing their authentic self so they can do their best work.”

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