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Inside Uber Amsterdam

March 9, 2020 / Global

Our Workplace & Real Estate teams are responsible for creating engaging spaces in which our drivers and couriers interact with our Experts, as well as creating offices with a great workplace experience for our staff. We do this by finding the right locations, designing engaging and productive spaces and offering the right mix of facility services on site.

This month we caught up with Paul Van Wijngaarden, Regional Workplace Business Manager – EMEA based in Amsterdam.

Where is the office located?
Our Amsterdam office is our International Headquarters and since December 2017 we have been located on the river Amstel, the main river that runs into (but not quite through) Amsterdam. It combines the best of the city with great access to public transportation (Train, Metro, Bus).

What teams do we have based in Amsterdam?
As of January 2020, we have 1280 people working in Amsterdam and we have a great variety of business and General and Administrative (G&A) teams. In fact, we have twenty different teams in total including but certainly not limited to Engineering, Uber Eats, Uber Freight, JUMP, Uber for Business and corporate functions such as Finance, Legal, HR, Tax, etcetera.

Can you name the coolest feature in the office? 
The central spiral stairs are really the Aorta of the building. In the morning people grab coffee either on the ground floor or on the adjacent coffee lounge areas near the staircase. It’s designed in such a way that you can walk up and down it next to each other. So whether you’re on the stairs or next to it, there’s always people connecting with each other.  

What was the office design based on? 
We based the design upon a deep analysis of the work patterns of our employees. With the help of heaps of qualitative and quantitative data, we came up with a methodology to define what the right type, mix, and feel of spaces should be. So I would say the design was based on truly Uber data drivenness. 

What’s your favorite space? 
An easy out would be the amazing roof terrace or the beautiful main atrium of the building. But I’ll go for the multifunctional kitchen/all-hands area. The lunch culture in Amsterdam is very strong, partly down to the great set up of the kitchen space and the food that’s being served there. It truly brings people and teams together and similar to the stairs, I think the building is well set up for interaction with colleagues.

What’s next as we continue to grow?
As the business continues to grow it’s our job to be looking to the future and ensuring our employees continue to have great spaces to work in. That’s why in 2022 we are already planning for our next move to the Tripolis complex located in the business district in the south of Amsterdam.