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Inside Mission Bay

January 24, 2022 / Global

The San Francisco Bay Area has been Uber’s Global HQ since day one. Today, it houses many of Uber’s 20,000+ global employees and almost every team has a presence here. We recently opened our new headquarters in Mission Bay and sat down with Tracie Kelly, HQ Geo Lead, to explore some of her favorite spaces, amenities, and hidden gems. Step inside our multi-floor solarium, perfect to enjoy a morning cup of coffee and catch up on emails, cafe with cuisine from around the world, and rooftop garden with herbs used to garnish dishes in the cafe. 

Where is Uber’s Bay Area office located?

“Our new campus is located in Mission Bay, adjacent to Chase Stadium.”

Which teams are based in Mission Bay?

“Mission Bay is our global headquarters and home to over ~3,500 employees, including the majority of our executive leadership team. Almost all lines of business have a team located in Mission Bay— Engineering, Sales, Finance, Legal, and People & Places, to name a few.”

At Uber, we have a hybrid work environment where employees target spending 50% of their time in the office. This can be 3 days one week and 2 days the next week, or 5 days one week and 0 days the next week, depending on what works best for them and their team. Learn more about where we work and life at Uber ->

What was the office design based on?

“The project started with the design of 2 ground-up buildings facing 3rd street. As we quickly grew, we added the use of 2 additional buildings. The overall design is focused on movement both vertically, via stairs in an open atrium, and horizontally from building to building. Mission Bay buildings 1 & 2 feature an operable facade that allows natural light and air into the building’s atrium. Specific attention was paid to sustainability following both WELL and LEED standards and going above the minimum ADA code requirements. Our goal was to create the safest, inclusive, and accessible spaces as possible so that employees can do their best work.”

What’s your favorite space? 

“I have a lot of favorites! I really love our new all hands space in the Forum, with all-natural light and double-height ceilings. The terraces on all the buildings are also great with so much private outdoor space to have a team meeting or social event.” 

What’s your favorite feature? 

“I love that we are all together in a campus setting rather than being scattered up and down Market Street. There’s a sense of unity and connection that is much easier to achieve being in close proximity to each other. It has been fun to hear employees’ favorite aspects of discovering areas of the different buildings.”

What’s your favorite amenity? 

“The food is pretty hard to beat! With 2 full commercial kitchens and on-site award-winning chefs, we are spoiled with our great food programs. I also love the wellness suite with hanging chairs. I like to go and have a few quiet moments to reset during a busy day.

The 7th-floor outdoor terrace in Mission Bay 2 has a lovely view of the bay and is buffered from the wind. I love to check out the edible garden grouping up there and think it’s great that the food team uses the produce and herbs from the garden in preparing lunch.”

What’s next as we continue to grow?

“With so many unknowns in regard to returning to a new normal, we are really focused on helping employees feel safe and excited about coming into the office. Hybrid and a greater percentage of remote work are reshaping the way we think about space and how we use it. Right now it is important for us to understand what teams need when they are together in the office and how to include those that remain at home. These findings help us get to the future solution in a more informed way.”

Interested in joining us? Explore our open roles based in the San Francisco Bay Area ->