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5 highlights from Uber’s Global Intern Week 2021

July 7, 2021 / Global

We celebrated Global Intern Week here at Uber from June 28 – July 2. All week long, we toasted the incredible group of doers, thinkers, and makers we call interns and their impact on building what’s next for Uber. Throughout, our University Talent Acquisition team hosted special events, including a fireside chat with our CEO, CTO, Chief D&I Officer, Intern alumni plus an intern olympics. Below, 5 interns who participated share their highlights from each day.

Day 1: Starting the week off with an opening ceremony

We kicked off with an opening ceremony where interns from around the world joined together (virtually of course!) to celebrate our Uber journey. I was truly inspired by the diverse team that came together for the first time, celebrating the same thing––us. 

Afterward we jumped over to a fireside chat with our Chief Diversity Officer, Bo Young Lee, who inspired us with a vision for D&I that goes beyond even Uber. She broke down a diverse and inclusive mindset into two simple things: to lean into curiosity and assume positive intent when facing differences. This helped show that even small changes can make a huge difference. Fostering inclusive mindsets genuinely has a big impact on Uber and the world, and I was deeply impressed because it showed once again that we’re living up to our cultural norm of doing the right thing. Period. 

Bo ended the chat with powerful advice: try new things, follow your passion, and pursue everything you can to become the best version of yourself. 

Valentina Moehrle, People Experience Intern, Amsterdam

Day 2: Meeting our CEO and Uber’s first ever intern

Working at Uber means that you can hear directly from our CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, and very first intern on the same day. And that’s exactly what we did on day 2! 

At Uber, we have the opportunity to drive our careers wherever we want to go. As Dara explained, the responsibility of drawing the roadmap that will lead us to success is ours. It’s indispensable to look at the edges and to catch once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that would otherwise be missed by only looking forward. 

He also shared that being an intern in a global company must be paired with an open mind and a bold attitude. And having the opportunity to work with incredible people towards building a better future comes with great power and responsibility. In such a fast-moving company, our two main drivers for success are communication and listening. 

This chat (and the entire week) were an opportunity to stay curious and set long-term career goals. All of this while having the best time alongside my intern buddies from all around the world.

Andrea Montoya, Marketing Intern, Mexico City

Day 3 & 4: Competing in intern olympics 

For days 3 and 4 we got together for an Intern Olympics––a virtual battle of games, challenges, and talent shows. It was a fun way of getting us to work together, overcome challenges and celebrate our community. I was super impressed with how talented everyone was. We had everyone from an amazing guitarist, to a magician, to a perfect pizza maker!

This was followed by virtual rooms where we met fellow interns from around the world. I was able to bond with an intern halfway across the globe who had been with Uber longer than me; making this experience worth remembering!

Aniruddh Bansal, Software Engineering Intern, India

Day 5 – Closing the week with a CTO fireside chat

On our final day, we had an intern-moderated fireside chat with our Chief Technology Officer, Sukumar Rathnam. He encouraged us to keep up with technology, ensure we’re constantly learning (“just touch code!”), and to keep a high bar for ourselves. I appreciated his advice to focus on things that you can control: what you do with your time and how you choose to interact with others. A highlight was definitely learning that Sukumar’s favorite Uber Eats order is Chipotle! 😋

We wrapped up this week full of celebrations with an awesome virtual DJ sesh! I’m so grateful to all the event coordinators who made this week possible. 

Amanda Han, Product Design Intern, San Francisco

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