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Information for driving at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

May 26, 2022 / Denver

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is expected to be busy throughout the 2022 event season and you could earn more on every trip—from June into November—when picking up at the venue’s designated Rideshare Zone.

*Special Promotion: You can earn an extra $15 on every pickup from the designated rideshare zone in Lower Lot South 2, located on Red Rocks Park Road, every day from Monday, June 6, 2022, through Sunday, November 6, 2022.

Accessing the Rideshare Zone: Road closures are often in place around the amphitheatre on event days, most commonly impacting northbound County Road 93. The recommended route for drivers to access the designated rideshare zone is taking County Road 93 southbound, turning right onto Red Rocks Park Rd, continuing south for approximately ¾ mile, passing Trading Post Rd, and then turning left into Lower Lot South 2.

Safety and other tips

  • Navigation: For the most updated road closure information, we recommend using Uber’s Driver app for routing to and from Red Rocks.
  • Smoother trips: Remember to observe standard traffic laws and follow the directions of parking staff, police officers, and signs around special events.
  • Communicating with your rider: Given the volume of people expected to be leaving the Red Rocks on event days, it’s highly encouraged to contact your rider through the in-app chat once you arrive in the designated lot, to help them find you.
  • Identity check: It’s helpful to confirm your rider’s name to ensure that the person getting in your vehicle is the one who requested the trip.
  • 2-way ratings: Your feedback matters. Low-rated trips are logged, and users may be removed to protect the Uber community.

Promotions reminder:

*This offer is only for drivers who directly received a Red Rocks promotional message from Uber and pick up riders from within the designated rideshare zone between Monday, June 6, 2022, through Sunday, November 6, 2022.

This offer applies to completed trips on all vehicle types and canceled trips are not eligible. The service fee is not applied to the reward amount. Please consider driving-time limits when starting your promotion.

Uber reserves the right to withhold or deduct payments in the event of an error, suspected fraud, illegality, or violation of driver terms or these terms. Offers are subject to change or withdrawal at any time and without notice.