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More transparency with Upfront Fares

September 25, 2022 / California

In some California cities, it’ll now be easier to decide if a trip is worth your time and effort, no matter what your acceptance rate is.

Right when you receive a request, you’ll see:

  • The estimated fare
  • The pickup and dropoff locations
See how much you’ll make and where you’ll go

How it works

The fares you’ll see won’t be based on fixed time and distance rates alone. Upfront Fares can be based on several factors. Some you know well, like time to pickup and time to destination, and some are new, like demand at the destination.

Real-time adjustments

Upfront Fares are created in real time and reflect what’s happening around you. Here are 2 examples of what this means: 

  • The fare you’re shown up front will be higher when demand is higher
  • The request with the longest pickup in the area will get a higher fare

If things change

  • If there’s unexpected traffic and the trip gets a lot longer, your fare will increase
  • If there’s a change of pickup or dropoff address in the app while you’re on your way, your fare will be updated as you go

Trip history

In your trip history, you’ll see a label on trips that have had earnings adjustments.

Trip receipts

In all trip receipts, you can now see the exact fare you accepted up front. If your earnings are different from the original offer, your trip receipt will let you know why.

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