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More earnings options with Trip Radar

August 12 / US

It’s not uncommon for drivers to become more selective once trip requests begin showing how much you’ll make and where you’ll go.

In some cities, you have some extra requests to choose from.

How it works

What’s new

Keep an eye out for Trip Radar when you’re not on a trip. 

Review options

Trip Radar shares some requests with a handful of people at the same time. 

This means Trip Radar shows you requests you would not have seen otherwise.

Tap to select

You can review Trip Radar requests and “raise your hand” only for the trips you’d like. 

Wait for a match

Since others have access to the list too, you may not get all of your picks.

Get going

As soon as you’re matched, you’ll be on your way. 

Trips completed using Trip Radar also count toward your promotions.

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