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at Uber

We’re disrupting the transportation world and the Uber Legal team’s diverse group of professionals are proud to be an integral part of that change.

Why Legal at Uber?

We’re for Problem Solvers

We believe no problem is unsolvable.

Partners in Growth

We clear hurdles so the business can soar to new heights.

The School of Experience

We encourage on-the-job-learning and welcome innovative problem solvers.

Meet the team

  • Francisco Pinilla

    Director, Eats LATAM

    What makes you most proud to work at Uber?

    "The way we are changing the world and creating different opportunities for people."

  • Jane Pollack

    Senior Director, Global Marketing & Advertising

    What makes Uber a unique place to work?

    "Where else can you work on projects as varied as food delivery, scooters, and flying cars?"

  • Michael Chan

    Sr. Paralegal, Labor & Employment

    What makes Uber a unique place to work?

    "Very innovative company = very innovative legal issues."

  • Alia Nimry

    Director, MEA, EMEA

    What’s your favorite part of being on this team?

    "Being part of a group of extraordinarily talented people who are wired, engaged, and very creative! You can never stop learning here."


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Explore our Legal teams

Asia Pacific (APAC)

The APAC Legal team is a group of ambitious legal professionals working on dynamic legal projects. The legal teams at Uber are meaningful for Uber's business and are true counsellors to our business teams. The work undertaken by the team is multi-dimensional and involves working on projects that touch upon a number of laws and regulations - from corporate commercial laws, exchange control regulations, and FinTech regulations, to advising on competition laws and complex litigations.


Global Compliance creates the foundation upon which the company’s business and corporate teams comply with relevant laws and regulations. We are present in every geographical region where Uber’s businesses operate, aligned closely to the business teams, and our team at HQ works with the corporate functions to embed compliance and ethics into HQ programs. It is our mission and passion to support Uber to do the right thing. Period.


The Corporate Legal team is comprised of a talented group of legal professionals who partner with our business in the areas of payments, M&A, finance, corporate and commercial transactions, corporate governance, capital markets, and related matters. We also work closely with Tony West, our Chief Legal Officer, with respect to matters involving the board of directors and corporate governance more broadly.

Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

In EMEA Legal, we partner closely with the rest of the Uber business to handle the legal and regulatory issues across 42 countries, from Pakistan in the East to Portugal in the West, and Finland in the North to South Africa in the South. We're a collaborative team of over 30 smart (but fun!) lawyers and legal professionals providing practical, pragmatic, and creative business-focused advice. We're based in more than 10 countries with major team hubs in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Dubai and Johannesburg.

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property (IP) team is a group of experienced and dedicated legal professionals who provide strategic legal advice and counsel to clear IP risks for Uber's business and protect Uber's technologies and brands. The scope of intellectual property issues that we address includes trademark protection, trademark disputes, domains, online brand protection, patent protection, patent disputes, open source software, and IP transactions.

Labor & Employment

The Labor and Employment Legal team is a group of experienced and dedicated legal professionals who provide strategic legal advice and counsel involving the rights of employees, responsibilities of employers, and distinctions between employees and independent contractors. Our work includes all US employment litigation, labor disputes, independent contractor reclassification claims, as well as providing advice, counsel and training to Uber on employment law compliance and dispute avoidance.

Latin America (LatAm)

LatAm Legal supports our different teams and businesses across the 300+ cities and more than 14 countries where we operate, including Mexico and Brazil, two of our largest markets globally, with 50+ talented and business-oriented legal professionals based in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Legal Insurance

The Insurance Litigation team oversees and manages litigation and claims arising out of Uber's insurance policies. In doing so, the team works hand-in-hand with our insurance partners and outside counsel to drive solutions and innovate. The Insurance Litigation team also works across Uber's business teams, from operations to safety, to evaluate and manage risk.

Legal Operations

The Legal Ops team is the foundation of the Uber Legal team. Our goal is to ensure that we are maximizing our investment in the team, outside counsel, and innovative technologies.


Uber’s Global Litigation, Regulatory Investigations & Competition team handles some of Uber's most high-profile matters and is comprised of four sub-teams: US litigation, Global Competition Law, eDiscovery, and Government/Regulatory Investigations and Litigation.

Marketing & Advertising

The Marketing & Advertising Legal team is comprised of a diverse and talented team of legal professionals who provide legal support to anyone helping Uber promote its brand and communicate to riders, drivers, and the public at large. The team is charged with fostering compliance with marketing and advertising laws; drafting and negotiating marketing, talent and sponsorship agreements; and counseling on various promotional initiatives, including cause marketing, sweepstakes and contests, digital marketing, and social media.


Uber's Privacy Legal team is comprised of a diverse group of global professionals who manage data privacy by accounting for ethics, laws, business risks, and growth opportunities. Its mission statement is "We drive Uber’s efforts to be a trusted steward of our users’ personal data in every market where Uber operates.”


The Product Legal team is a group of talented and diligent legal professionals that provide frontline support for the development, launch and execution of products, features and programs for Uber. We advocate on behalf of our regional partners and specialists as well as the client.

US & Canada

The US & Canada Legal team is primarily focused on engaging with transportation network company regulators at the city and state level in the US and Canada. The work includes responding to regulators’ inquiries, representing the company in enforcement actions brought by regulators, and counseling the business on a wide range of regulatory matters. We also provide critical legal and strategic input to Uber’s ride sharing business by collaborating closely with other legal teams on litigation, employment, commercial, corporate, policy, and other issues that impact Uber’s ride sharing operations in the U.S. and Canada.

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