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Uber changed the way the world moves. And we’re committed to changing the way the world moves forward. That’s why we’re announcing our commitment to becoming a zero-emission mobility platform in Australia by 2040, with 100% of rides taking place in zero-emission vehicles, on public transit, or with micromobility (bikes and scooters) —a goal that can only be achieved by working together.


Drivers like you are leading the way toward a greener future, and Uber is committed to supporting you. We know there’s a long way to go here in Australia, but together we can take action and make it happen. Here are some of the first steps.

Reducing the cost of driving using a battery electric vehicle

Driver-partners who drive a battery electric vehicle will have their service fee cut in half for every trip they complete from July 2021 to June 2022.

This will help reduce the cost of running a battery electric vehicle for driver-partners who already own one or are interested in making the switch.

Advocating on your behalf for better government policies

In a recent survey (April 2021), the majority of driver-partners told us they wanted to switch to an electric vehicle within the next 5 years. But we know making that switch in Australia currently has its challenges, and you need support. We’re working with governments to advocate for better long term policies to make the transition to electric vehicles a more viable option for you and the tens of thousands of driver-partners in Australia.

Find out more about the actions we’re taking for a greener future from Uber Australia General Manager, Dom Taylor.


到 2040 年,优步将成为零排放交通出行平台