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Simplify your expenses with Uber and Xero

Uber for Business is now integrated with Xero to save customers time and reduce manual data entry.

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A better way to manage your Uber receipts

Automated accounting

Uber expenses will be automatically accounted for in the Xero dashboard.

Seamless reconciliation

Monthly payments will appear in Xero and are matched to the bill for seamless reconciliation.

Simplified payment

You can pay-per-trip or apply for monthly billing via your Uber for Business dashboard.

More control, all in one place

With Uber for Business, you can shape your employee program with set spending limits, times, and ride types that suit the needs of your business.

Connect your Xero and Uber for Business accounts in a few easy steps

Step 1

Visit the Xero Marketplace and search for ‘Uber for Business’. Click on the Uber tile, then the ‘Sign In’ button, and log in using your Xero credentials.

Step 2

Select the Xero organisation that you would like to connect and click 'Allow access'.

Step 3

Enter your Uber for Business credentials followed by your Xero details.

Step 4

Check your email and verify your account.

Make Uber work for your business

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