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Uber and Meals on Wheels

Uber and Meals on Wheels have been working for more than a year to help serve vulnerable seniors around the country.

More than just meals

Our partnership started with a donation of more than $1 million, but we both hoped to build a connection much deeper than that.

Because Meals on Wheels is just as much about food as it is friendship, we wanted to make sure that our donation was more than just money. Since our partnership has launched, Uber employees have donated thousands of hours packing, delivering, and supporting seniors in communities around the country.

Driving Transformational Change at Meals on Wheels

To help bring more wheels into Meals on Wheels, we’re applying our best and brightest to help them solve their toughest challenges.

Using the technology and insight gained from the Uber platform, we’re helping Meals on Wheels run more efficiently and effectively to help their organization and their clients continue to thrive. “After really diving deep, it became clear there is a way to almost Uber-ize Meals on Wheels…. making it easier to spend your lunch break volunteering.”

“Uber has helped us dig in and better understand how different barriers might impact volunteering in different states. Local rules and regulations can have a huge impact on how easy it is to sign up as a volunteer.” - Ellie Hollander, Meals on Wheels CEO

Step Up To the Plate

To encourage others to step up to the plate and donate, Meals on Wheels seniors tell their stories through art that will help fundraise for 2019.

You can eat alone, but a meal is shared. With this in mind, Uber and Meals on Wheels paired up three seniors with three artists to share a meal and a moment. Each one of the seniors’ life stories was turned into a unique work of art to be sold on with all proceeds going to Meals on Wheels.