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Introducing Uber Eats Pro

Uber Eats Pro is a loyalty rewards programme, designed to enhance your experience of using the Uber Eats App and which seeks to help you reach your goals—on and off the road, in South Africa. This rewards program was built to support the women and men who choose to deliver using the Uber Eats App. You can earn points with every completed trip to unlock exciting rewards. Additional terms apply.¹

Get more from delivering

With Uber Eats Pro, you have the opportunity to unlock new rewards as you reach higher status. Additional terms apply.¹

How it works

Earn points

Deliver with Uber Eats to earn points. Some trips may earn you more points than others. See more details in the Driver app.

Offer quality service to customers and restaurants

In addition to earning points, maintaining certain ratings will assist you to earn Gold, Platinum, and Diamond rewards. The requirements vary by region. Please check the Driver app for more information.

Get rewards

The higher the status you earn, the more rewards you unlock. Your status is determined based on your points and quality ratings over a fixed 1-month period.

Earn more rewards faster

Trips completed during select hours each day earn extra points. Check the Driver app to see when you can earn points faster. You can earn points as follows:

1 point for every completed delivery

2 points during lunch hours from 11am to 2pm

3 points during dinner hours from 4pm to 10pm

You can unlock more rewards by providing great service to restaurants and customers

When you earn points and maintain a restaurant and customer rating of at least 96%, you can unlock Gold, Platinum and Diamond status and continue to earn rewards.

Uber Eats Pro rewards¹

Uber Eats Pro rewards¹





Quality service to restaurants & customers unlocks more rewards

Rewards are given based on how you use the Driver app. Earning points and maintaining a 96% rating will unlock Gold, Platinum, and Diamond status and the related rewards. To get more information, you can tap the menu icon in the Driver app, then tap Uber Eats Pro and the right arrow near the top of the screen

Earn points one month at a time and enjoy the rewards for the next month.

You can earn points during fixed periods of one month. Points are reset after each calendar month.

When you earn enough points to unlock the next level’s rewards, you can immediately start enjoying your new rewards. Maintaining high restaurant and customer ratings, as well as getting high points will assist you to maintain your Gold, Platinum or Diamond status and continue to enjoy the associated rewards until the end of the following month.

Frequently asked questions

  • Check the Driver app for availability.

  • You can earn points during fixed one-month periods. Points are reset after each calendar month.

    When you earn enough points to unlock the next level of reward, you can start enjoying your new rewards right away. If you keep your ratings by restaurants and customers and points high you can maintain your Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status and continue enjoying rewards until the end of the following month.

Disclaimer: To facilitate your participation in the Uber Eats Pro program, Uber will process certain personal information, as described in more detail above, to calculate your tier status. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set out in herein, as well as irrevocably agree and acknowledge that all information provided by you, whether personal or otherwise, may be used and processed by Uber through the collection, collation, processing, and storing of such information and the use and disclosure of such information. Uber shall process personal information which you have provided as part of, or which Uber has collected in connection with, the Uber Eats Pro program, will be used for the purpose of the Uber Eats Pro program. Uber will ensure that all processing of your personal information is done in compliance with applicable laws. If you elect to activate a reward offered by a third party provider, Uber will share your name and contact details to improve the sign up process and confirm your tier status. The third party provider may collect additional information during their sign up process, and independently inform you thereof. The third party rewards provider will act as the responsible party for your personal information it receives from Uber on your behalf and that it collects to provide you with the rewards. We encourage you to read their privacy policy. Uber will be the responsible party for the personal information it processes to calculate your tier status and send you updates of your tier status and rewards. For more information, and to learn about your privacy rights, please visit this webpage with more information and read our Privacy Policy. You are able to opt-out of this programme and may withdraw your consent for Uber to process your personal information for the purposes of Uber Eats Pro program at any time by providing notice to Uber, and Uber will immediately cease the processing of that personal information. However, any such notice shall not affect any processing activities which have already been undertaken by Uber prior to the notice. Full details of how to do so can be found in the Uber Eats Pro Terms.