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Streamline your supply chain

With instant quotes, real-time tracking, and 24/7 access to trusted carriers, Uber helps streamline your operations.

Your business is our business

We're building solutions to deliver peak efficiency and flexibility in your supply chain, backed by our customer success team and 24/7 support.

Instant capacity

Our trusted network of carriers is reliable, always growing, and always there for you, 24/7.

  • Nationwide network
  • Instant quote generation

One stop for success

Real-time freight management lets you book and track loads online, day or night.

  • Live shipment tracking
  • 24/7 access and customer support

Freight at full speed

With instant quotes and booking, we eliminate time-consuming phone calls and email chains.

  • Real-time pricing
  • 24/7 customer service team

Smarter shipping with advanced features

Instantly expand your capacity, while supporting your operations through 24/7 customer service and automated support tools.

Business at a glance

Manage all your past, present, and future shipments in one place. Now you’re always in the know. And we’re always here if you encounter any bumps along the way.

  • Details on all future, present, and past loads are found directly in the platform. This includes necessary documents, such as PODs uploaded by carriers. We also provide real-time GPS tracking on loads when available, instant marketplace pricing, and performance metrics around operations at your facilities.

  • Uber Freight provides shippers with 24/7 phone support to address any problems or concerns, from setup to management.

Ship your way 24/7

Manage your upcoming, in-progress, and delivered shipments online without needing to pick up the phone.

  • Uber Freight works only with authorized carriers, consistent with industry standards. We use information from FMCSA and third-party tools like SaferWatch to review operating authority, safety rating, and insurance information.

  • Uber Freight carriers are required to have at least $100,000 of cargo liability insurance and will be liable to you for cargo loss or damage in accordance with and subject to applicable law. If you have a claim for cargo loss or damage, Uber Freight's cargo claims team will help you with the cargo claim against the carrier.

Pick your price

Get instant quotes on shipments up to 2 weeks in advance. Select the date and price that works best for you.

  • Quotes are generated by an algorithm that accounts for variations in distance and travel time. While we do our best to honor all quotes, prices may change based on delivery timing and carrier availability.

  • Uber Freight leverages leading technology and automated processes to simplify our internal operations, keeping costs low and providing greater transparency than other marketplaces.

"One of the most important things about the Uber Freight platform is the transparency."

Narragansett Beer uses Uber Freight to gain new insights and stay innovative.



“As soon as we hit our busy season, it was incredibly helpful to have the extra capacity Uber Freight provides.”

— David Magnan, Distribution Manager, Wis-Pak


“[T]he level of transparency and efficiency that Uber Freight offers… I haven’t been able to get with any other freight partner.”

— Bill Heslam, VP of Operations, Narragansett

Birch Plastics

“I can’t tell you how much easier my life got the very minute I logged into the shipper platform for the first time."

— Paul Wilson, Logistics Manager, Birch Plastics

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Uber Freight is improving the way businesses manage complex supply chains, facilities, and ever-changing market conditions.