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Your city needs drivers like you to keep everyone moving forward. Thousands of riders request rides with Uber every day. You can use your vehicle to get paid to drive in Memphis while getting riders where they need to go.

Uber also connects you to these ways to earn:

通过 Uber Eats 优食提供派送服务

尝试开车或骑车送餐。通过 Uber Eats 优食,您可以将人们喜爱的美食从当地餐厅派送到顾客手中。




  • In Memphis, a rider must be 18 years old to have an Uber account and request a ride.

    If you believe the rider to be younger than 18, you should decline the ride request. When picking up riders, if you feel they are underage, you may request they provide a driver's license or ID card for confirmation. If a rider is underage, please do not start the trip or allow them to ride.

    Tap here for more info.

  • Based on the feedback we’ve received from drivers, we’ve changed how this works.

    Previously, if you were in the airport lot and were the closest car to a request that came from outside of the airport, you would get that request. We’ve changed this so requests coming from off-airport will get sent to drivers who aren’t in the airport queue. However, if there are no available cars off-airport, a driver in the airport queue may get a request from off-airport.

    We’ll monitor this closely, so please let us know how this change works for you!

  • Tennessee law allows passengers to consume alcohol while riding in a vehicle. As an Uber driver, though, you can ask riders not to bring open containers into your vehicle.

    Please note that asking a rider not to bring an open alcohol container into your vehicle is very different from asking a rider not to bring their service animal into your vehicle. More info on that here.

  • As a Memphis driver, you can automatically go online and drive in any city in Tennessee or Mississippi where Uber is available.

  • Because requirements vary by state and city, we might need to run a new background check and review your documents to switch your city.

    Once you consent to a new background check, you won’t be able to go online in Memphis anymore.

    Check out more info here.

  • You can cancel the trip or ask the rider to cancel the trip. While there's currently no way to record that as a cancellation reason in the app, just select "Other."

  • Long trips work exactly the same as short trips. Riders can input any destination for their trip—sometimes you may receive a ride request with a destination that is farther than you wish to drive. If this happens, please cancel the trip. The rider can then request a pickup from other drivers nearby.

    If your trip takes you to somewhere in Tennessee or Mississippi where Uber operates, you can always remain online there and accept more requests, though requests there may not take you back toward Memphis.

    More info on long trips here.







  • 在孟菲斯,不同的开车赚钱方式提供的机会各不相同。有些开车赚钱方式要求达到规定的时数并严格遵守时间安排。通过优步,您可以自主决定要经常开车接单,还是仅在周末短时间接单。您无需有共享出行接载经验。

  • Your schedule is up to you. With Uber, you can get paid to drive when you want. You have the flexibility to be a rideshare driver in Memphis whenever you choose.

  • We make it as easy as possible for you to track your earnings from riders. A monetary amount at the top of your screen will show how much you’re getting paid to drive in Memphis. Look for helpful tools in the app to give you more details and show you your totals in real time.

  • 要在孟菲斯成为优步合作车主,您需满足在当地驾车的最低年龄要求,拥有/获得符合要求的交通工具,并提交所需文件,包括有效驾照。此外,您必须通过背景筛查,并拥有 1 年以上的持证驾驶经验。