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Setting your preferences and destinations

Preferences and destinations are 2 features that can help you take control of how you want to earn. These features let you select and manage the types of trips you’d like to receive and where you’d like to go.

How preferences and service selection works

To get started, tap the highlighted icon on the bottom left side of your app to access your preferences. Then select the available services you want to offer.

Auto-accept will automatically accept trips for the services you’ve selected. This helps create a more seamless experience on the road and helps you not miss a trip or delivery. You can also filter requests by area, rider rating, and more.

How destinations works

You can set a destination filter to a place you’re going—like home or school—and the app will help you find trips in that direction. This helps you earn while heading where you need to go.

To do this, tap on the magnifying glass on your map screen and enter an address.


  • 车主端为您匹配的乘客将与您设置的目的地方向大致顺路。此外,您还可以设置到达时间。

  • 设置目的地接单适用于大多数行程选项,包括优选轿车、优步拼车、高级轿车等。

  • 通过车主端,您每天可以进行两次“设置目的地接单”操作。每次的目的地不必相同;您可以选择其他地点。