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New opportunities, simplified operations

Transforming supply chains with predictive tools, unprecedented visibility, and a team of experts empowered by innovative technology.

Greater transparency

Grow your business with access to innovative tools built for more visibility, flexibility, and predictability.

  • Live shipment tracking
  • Facility analytics
  • Facility insights dashboard

Real-time pricing

Take advantage of committed contract pricing and instant access to current market conditions.

  • Instant quote generation
  • Market rate pricing
  • Secure spot rates up to 2 weeks in advance

Trusted collaboration

Move your business forward with advanced technology and a team of passionate people trusted by Fortune 500 shippers.

  • Dedicated, proactive account manager
  • Industry-leading technology
  • 24/7 access and customer support

Industry expertise behind revolutionary technology

Uber Freight is creating tools made for enterprise and scaling shippers, with enhanced analytics and facility feedback that expand your team's capabilities.

Just as important, our proprietary tools and unprecedented visibility help our team build timely, forward-thinking solutions for you.

Instant quotes

View real-time market-based rates

With prices generated up to 2 weeks in advance, Uber Freight gives shippers the power to find more affordable pricing through flexible scheduling. Finding the right price has never been easier.

Freight insights

Gain a deeper understanding of facility performance with easy access to metrics including detention spend, load acceptance rates, and more. Our team of experts will partner with you to analyze, aggregate, and provide actionable next steps.

Gartner research

Gartner analysts provide timely and objective insights for supply chain leaders across the globe. Get access to our top reports to see what we’re reading now.

“Having an innovation partner is super critical. We see Uber Freight as a partner who can help us get there.”

LG needed a new way to get products to retailers. They tapped into Uber Freight and Powerloop to bring more capacity, flexibility, and on-time performance to their supply chain.


Access to power-only loads

Powerloop helps shippers of every size realize the advantages of a single, scaled trailer pool system. By unlocking access to drop freight, Powerloop’s trailers give shippers more ways to grow.

Currently available in California, Oklahoma, and Texas. The service will be expanding in the near future.

TMS partnerships

Uber Freight is partnering with leading TMS providers to seamlessly deliver more flexibility and predictability into users’ existing workflows. Through an Uber Freight API integration, our mutual customers will be able to tap into instant, real-time pricing and a national network of freight capacity, transforming freight-booking into an intelligent process.



“Uber Freight consistently exceeds our expectations with regard to communication, technology, competitiveness, and care.”

—Jeung Un Choi, LG

Ocean Spray

“The relationship with Uber Freight has been absolutely terrific… Their contribution to our success goes beyond words.”

— Chris Domey, Senior Manager of Global Logistics, OceanSpray

Land O' Lakes

“Two, three, four years down the road, this could very much be the way the entire industry needs to operate in order to compete.” 

– Nicholas Najjar, Senior Manager Transportation

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