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Request rides for your customers

Central allows a member of your team to request a ride for someone else, creating a seamless experience for clients, business guests, or whoever is on the move.

Great for your customer service—and your bottom line

  • Schedule rides for VIPs

    Request complimentary door-to-door rides for executives and guests.

  • Save on shuttle service

    Offer on-demand rides instead of costly shuttle service or rental cars.

  • Improve your guests’ experience

    Request rides for others to help them keep moving around town.

  • Arrange patient rides

    Uber Health is our HIPAA secure courtesy ride option designed specifically for healthcare.


It’s easy to keep your customers moving

Access the dashboard

The Central dashboard is simple to navigate. You can request multiple pickups at the same time.

Schedule the pickup

Enter your customer’s information and pickup location into the Central dashboard.

Rider and driver connect

Your guest will receive texts with all their trip information, and you can check the progress of every courtesy ride.

Access powerful features from one dashboard

Flexible trip planning

With Central, it’s easy to request rides for your customers now or schedule them for later. There’s no limit to how many rides you can have going at once.

Easy round-trip rides

Need to move a lot of people to the same place? Request a return ride and repeat trips in one click, saving time and streamlining communication with your customers.

Smarter pickups

Help connect guests with their rides by pinpointing the exact pickup or dropoff location. Need to contact the driver? Keep in touch with instant 2-way communication.

“Uber provides a scalable way for us to deliver a reliable transportation service when our guests need it most.”

David Wani, CEO, Twenty Four Seven Hotels

Make Central your transportation HQ

Keep customers moving on schedule

Central makes it easy to offer your customers stress-free, on-demand transportation—a perk they’ll never forget.

Focus on service, not transportation

When your team can coordinate rides in an instant, more time and effort can be put toward growing your business in other ways.

Ensure that appointments are made

Use Central to help lower the number of late and no-show appointments that cost your business time, resources, and money.

Your business is going places. We’re here to help.