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Uber Freight

The Uber Freight team is building a better future for shipping. We believe that when shippers and carriers have the freedom to move together, the entire industry moves ahead. Join us to help move the freight industry forward, together.

Why Uber Freight?

Passionate Problem-Solvers

Your coworkers are some of the most motivated and action-oriented people you’ll work with.

Empowering Our Customers

The work we do provides carriers with technology that helps them control their time, their businesses, and their lives.

Intersection of Technology and Humanity

You’ll work on a product that’s literally changing the way freight moves from A to B.


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Explore our Uber Freight teams


The Product team is responsible for the roadmap, strategy, and vision for each of Uber Freight's products. Product Managers serve as the quarterback for each project, leading the charge and coordinating between engineering, design, research, marketing, legal, and leadership. We are responsible for prioritizing small tasks and big rocks, obsessing over product quality, and moving business metrics.

Product Operations

The Product Operations team facilitates the collaboration between the Uber Freight Tech and Operations teams to serve our users at the highest level. Our mission is: First, be a fierce, data-driven advocate for Ops throughout the product prioritization process. Second, support product rollouts and optimization through strong communication and coordination with Ops. Third, ensure the top Ops problems/bugs are surfaced and properly triaged with data-driven justifications. And finally, provide Ops a transparent view of the Product Team’s roadmap and prioritization process.

Shipper Operations

The Shipper Operations team is focused on acquiring new customers to the Shipper Platform, continually engaging those customers through the platform to build loads and supporting them through a centralized effort (scheduling loads, solving escalations, and responding to customer inquiries). We work cross-functionally with Product, Marketing, and Sales to bring value to customers that tender us loads through this platform.

Central Operations

The Central Operations team is focused on building Uber Freight into the most efficient and scalable business in the transportation industry. This team sits independently of any individual team and focuses on operational and strategic work across the business by building core processes and operational workflows in a data-driven way.

Business Operations

The Business Operations team performs three primary functions. The first is Carrier Payments: sending payments to Carriers for hauling loads. The second function is Billing and Payments, which manages the process to create, and send invoices to our shippers. The third function is Credit and Collections, which ensures that we set the correct credit limit for our shippers and collect money once a shipper has reached their terms.


The Engineering and Data Science teams design and build innovative applications, infrastructure, and models to power Uber Freight. Utilizing Uber’s foundational elements, these include the mobile app for Carriers, the portals and integrations that give Shippers access to the platform, tools for our Operations teams, and all the underlying pricing, matching, and forecasting algorithms that evolve the freight industry forward.

Carrier Sales: Development & Expansion

The Development & Expansion team's role is to help ensure service to all customers, both mid-market and Enterprise. We focus primarily on loads picking up same-day, using numerous tools to source last-minute capacity. We also work to build strong relationships with our carrier partners while driving automation with our fleet of owner-operators. We are divided regionally to help allocate our resources and increase accountability on all freight nationwide.

Carrier Sales: Fleet

Fleet’s primary focus is procuring dedicated solutions for high-volume lanes by removing manual touches, increasing profitability, strategizing for expansion, and improving efficiency. “Dispatcher Mode” will eventually enable fleets to dedicate capacity to regular business and automate booking. This ensures coverage, drives margin, and raises service levels. Our long term goal is to leverage our fleet relationships to strategically partner with reputable carriers to roll out AV technology.

Shipper Sales

Shipper Platform Sales is responsible for acquiring new business for Uber Freight’s Shipper Platform. Focus areas include: managing top-of-funnel; daily cold-calling and email cadences; effectively communicating the value props of the platform to prospects; onboarding new shippers; and having a deep understanding of the product. In addition, this team will have opportunities to demo our platform to shipper’s on-site and engage with them at various conferences.

Business Development

The Business Development team focuses on sourcing, executing, and managing strategic and scalable partnerships with third parties to advance the mission and goals of Uber Freight. Key categories of partnerships include: (1) carrier partnerships (e.g. Uber Freight Plus program with fuel card and various discounts offered via vendor partnerships), (2) shipper partnerships (e.g., product partnerships, TMS integration, data licensing) and, (3) truck OEM partnerships.


The Uber Freight Marketing Group is responsible for driving demand, engaging our audience, and developing the brand. We do this by creating the best-in-class content and distributing it across highly scalable channels.


The Design team is comprised of UX Research, UX/Product Designers and Comms Design. UX Research helps Uber Freight understand our customers, identify unmet needs of users, and verify the solutions we produce. The UX/Product Designer creates the solution that meets the business goal and makes sure to prioritize the customer. The Comms Design team is responsible for all the brand and marketing design of public-facing material.

Strategy & Planning

The Strategy & Planning team is responsible for three main areas. First, we provide research and analysis to inform the overall shipper/carrier/ops strategy, service expansion, go-to-market, and product strategies at Uber Freight. Second, we create and manage Uber Freight's financial budget, which includes overall team OKRs, headcount plans, and hiring cadence to support our growth. Finally, we support and manage core reporting analytics (e.g. WBR, Summary & Metron), key business metric definition and monitoring, business health deep-dives, and large research efforts, such as international expansion.

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