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Join a fleet

In Sweden


Start making money in Sweden by driving for a fleet in your area. Joining a fleet is a quick and easy way to start driving. Other options are also available.

Fleet benefits

Pay nothing upfront

Get into a car and start making money. You just need a valid taxi driver's license (taxiförarlegitimation). You won’t have to put any money down, but you will have to pay ongoing fees to the fleet owner.

Licensed vehicles

Avoid the cost and hassle of getting your own taxi operating license (taxitrafiktillstånd) and car licensed.

Join a fleet to drive with Uber

1. Sign up to drive

Create, then activate your account online.

2. Find and join a fleet

Once you're approved to drive with Uber, connect with fleet owners in your area by using your Uber account to log into the Fleet Match website.

3. Start driving

Just download the Uber driver app and start driving. The app connects you to riders, and gives you directions and 24/7 support.

How does Fleet Match work?

Fleet Match connects Uber drivers with Uber fleet owners. Find the perfect taxi licensed vehicle for you to drive.

Sign in to Fleet Match

You will be asked to sign in with your Uber account details. Please note that you need to have your profile picture, driver’s license and taxi driver’s license uploaded and approved to be able to search for vehicles.

Search among available vehicles

Select 'Find a vehicle' to look for vehicles nearby. If there are not any vehicles at the moment, go back to the Home screen and create a profile by selecting 'Create a profile'. This will make it possible for fleet owners to contact you.

Contact or get contacted by fleet owners

By clicking a vehicle ad, you can send a message or call the vehicle owner. If a fleet owner has found your profile, you will get a text when they share a vehicle ad with you.

Become part of the fleet

When you both have agreed on the terms, the fleet partner will add you to the fleet. If your account is not already active, it will automatically be activated if you fulfill all other requirements.

Expand your fleet

Add more cars and increase your earnings. You make money for every trip your drivers complete. Get started by signing up, then adding your car (or cars) in the fleet dashboard. You can add drivers and manage your fleet using the UberFLEET app for Android.

Choose what's right for you

Lease a car

No car? No problem. Kickstart your business with a lease.

Buy a car

Save money on a car you can call your own. Visit your closest Green Light Hub or contact the support team to see if you can take part of any vehicle deals.

Drive with Uber in Sweden

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