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Did you know that 95% of the time your car is stale?

Put your car in motion


Put your car in motion and generate earnings without having to drive. Just join the Uber App as a Fleet Partner and start growing your patrimony

Why become a Fleet Partner?

Provides an additional source of income

Renting your vehicle can help you turn your asset into an additional source of income.

Is achievable

Anyone with a vehicle can join and become a Fleet Partner without any sign up or membership cost.

Uber supports you

Uber provides you with tools to manage your fleet, helps you connect with drivers, gives you incentives and offers customer service.

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How to become a Fleet Partner?

Sign up as a Fleet Partner

The first step to sign up your business is to sign up at Uber as a Fleet Partner

I have sign up... Now what?

After signing up here we have some tips to start your fleet with the right foot

Getting my first driver

Read through to understand how Uber Match will help you get your first driver

More resources

  • Now that you have a driver driving your car, it's time to manage your fleet. We know how important running a business is and we want to help you prosper.

  • If you are already registered in the Uber app as a Fleet Partner, you can join the next session of weekly virtual meetings between new drivers and Fleet Partners where you can find a new driver for your vehicle and start generating profits.

  • Before a driver can join your Fleet, they need to be registered correctly on the Uber app. Continue reading to see what he-she would need to register.

  • When you are part of Uber's community, you are never alone. Keep reading so you know what are the support channels available for you 247/7

  • Continue reading to learn how to manage your fleet earnings