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Pickups that happen like magic

Traffic. Crowds. One-way streets. They won’t get in the way of finding your driver. Uber works with cities to gain local knowledge, which, combined with data from millions of past trips, helps get you picked up and on your way faster.

Real life is complicated. Meeting your driver isn’t.

Pickups are simple when you have access to features flexible enough to handle real life. Search for your fastest route, escape or stand out from the crowd, send or receive details, and more.

  • Game days and concerts

    Our local teams, in partnership with venues, have designated pickup spots based on traffic patterns and optimized routes. So you can avoid crowds and find your driver faster with less coordination.

  • Pinpointing your location

    Entered the wrong address? No problem. You can re-enter your location or simply drag the pin if you’re already within a radius of 220 yards (200 meters) from where you want to be picked up.

  • Safety details at a glance

    The app is designed to help you identify your ride right away. As your driver approaches, the app displays their name, photo, car color and model, and license plate number, so that you can check your ride, every time.

  • Streamlined communications

    The app makes it easy for you to reach your driver. Select from several pre-written messages with just a tap, making it faster than calling or texting.


Better pickup experiences

If you request a ride at an event or a busy place with multiple entrances and exits, like an airport or festival, you’ll be asked to select a specific location to meet your driver.

Step 1

Scroll to select from the menu the most convenient pickup location for you.

Step 2

You can drag the map to search for another nearby spot.

Step 3

Tap Confirm Pickup to request your ride.

Get a price estimate

Planning a trip? Know before you go how much it will cost.

Certain requirements and features vary by country, region, and city.