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Take the work out of business travel

Simplify your team's ground transportation and easily manage their work travel with Uber for Business.

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Simple group travel management

Organize team travel quickly and easily. Log in to the dashboard to set user permissions, control spending, and handle billing. It's simple to add new users, review your team's rides, and track how much they spent.

Streamline your expensing process

Invite your employees to start using a business profile attached to your company’s payment settings. If you set up a central billing account, they can charge rides right to the company. Otherwise, they can pay using a corporate card and have receipts automatically forwarded to expense providers like Concur.

Better control, all in one place

Shape your employee program with set spending limits, times, and ride types that suit the needs of your business. Now your travel policy is automated and effortlessly trackable.

Zoom uses Uber to move employees worldwide

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