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Working in Bengaluru

Located in the “Garden City” and “Silicon Valley of India," Uber's Bengaluru office has ~200 employees dedicated to helping create a world with clean, decongested cities and reliable transportation everywhere, for everyone. By assembling the smartest minds in tech, we can realize our vision of solving some of the world’s biggest urban transportation challenges.

On-the-ground at Uber Bengaluru


Building at Uber Bengaluru


Teams reimagining at Uber Bengaluru

  • India Maps team develops high-priority, critical pieces of functionality for the Maps organization, working on a variety of things, including routing observability, diagnostics, algorithmic map error detection, experiment simulation platform, basemap data platform, Uber Places platform, and Legoland.

  • The Marketplace Platform team is responsible for the core fulfillment platform, which facilitates the core transportation flows for both Uber and Uber Eats. The team's mission is to provide a reliable, performant, and extensible fulfillment engine for Uber.

  • The inception of the Rider Bengaluru team, in 2017, was to serve the needs of the next billion riders by building new products including UberLite & Web-based Ride booking. We recently expanded on that mission to build new rider use cases including Uber Bus, Rider Car Rentals, and Micro Mobility (scooters/bikes) in Global markets. Rider Bangalore team also is responsible for growing global riders and trips for Uber via the charter of Rider Funnel and Growth which focuses on unblocking riders through data insights and rapid experimentation. Rider Bangalore has a full stack of teams including product, design, research, and data scientists partnering with engineering to innovate and deliver on 0 to 1 ‘big, bold bets’ for Uber riders.

  • The Customer Obsession (CO) team helps to ensure all Uber users have a great experience by providing an end-to-end customer engagement platform across Ridesharing, Uber Eats, Uber for Business, Uber Health, Uber Freight, etc. Our CO team in Bangalore leads the charter for Customer Obsession at Uber and is responsible for the global platform. We look at every aspect of the trip and proactively try to solve problems before they happen, or we make sure the problem is solved as fast as possible. Our solutions contribute directly to Uber’s profitability, helping us grow sustainably. We aspire to establish customer care as a competitive advantage and a key differentiator in our industry.

  • The Adtech and growth teams are responsible for driving new user acquisition, existing user engagement, cross-selling and up-selling products, driving growth, and building trustworthy customer engagement. We directly contribute to Uber’s profitability and revenue. We build state-of-the-art, AI-driven marketing systems, leveraging billions of data points, machine learning, automation, and internet-scale distributed services.

  • The Data Platform team enables a multi-petabyte scale of data analytics at Uber. Our customers are Uber Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Product Managers who run millions of data applications (Query, ETL, Jobs) every week. Our mission is to provide a reliable, easy-to-use, efficient Data Platform at Uber. The Data Platform team in Bangalore owns three mission-critical platforms: SQL on Hadoop, Trust Platform, and Streaming Platform.

  • Uber for Business aims to elevate Uber as a whole into a world-class B2B company. With portals such as, we want to provide a seamless, self-explanatory step-by-step process to onboard and self-serve new businesses. We build several back-office business tools that help sales, account managers, finance operations, engineering, and support to get a 360-degree view of the business and related offerings.

    With products such as the Admin dashboard, business admins get separate dashboards to manage and run business offerings for their employees/customers. Powering these front-end tools and dashboards are the platforms that provide seamless money movement between entities and organizations, offering deep integrations to 3rd-party systems. All the engineering work behind this is happening today from Bengaluru.

  • Global Scaled Solutions runs scaled programs for multiple Uber products and businesses including mobility, deliveries, freight, Advanced technologies, etc and drives efficiencies and quality across areas. We focus on the following 4 areas: Digitization, Product Dev Services, Globalization, GSS Tech.

  • The Uber Infrastructure team powers infrastructure that runs all of Uber. We build tools and software that support the scalability and reliability of the Uber platform as well as increase developer productivity and quality. The Bengaluru teams own various components from two major portfolios of Uber infra, ‘Developer Platform’ and ‘Core Platform’. Developer platform engineers are responsible for accelerating product velocity by providing a friction-free, integrated development platform. Core Platform is responsible for running distributed systems at a massive scale across multiple cloud providers and on-premise hardware.

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