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सीधे मुख्य सामग्री पर जाएँ

Public Policy

Public Policy at Uber is truly transformative. A new and unregulated industry, the platform economy is changing the world of work. The Public Policy team engages policy makers and stakeholders around the world to advocate for the future of mobility and delivery and to demonstrate our value to cities.

Inside Public Policy

  • Why Athira joined Uber from the social sector

    "Not often do you get to work at a company whose product you use on a daily basis," shares Athira Menon, an Uber employee who previously worked in the social sector and is a Senior Manager for Public Policy located in Bangalore, India. "Many of the issues that I have closely worked on have been central to how people experience moving in the city and that was exciting.”

  • Uber Under the Hood

    Insights and updates from the Uber Public Policy team.

  • Uber values

    At Uber we’re reimagining the way the world moves for the better. We are helping people go anywhere and get anything. And we do it on a global scale, at the speed of now.

  • What Pride means to us

    Uber is committed to helping empower a better experience for our LGBTQIA+ community. Every moment, every interaction matters – and it takes everyone.

  • Our Return to the Office

    It’s still early days as we look to find the right long-term model for Uber, yet we want this to continue being a great place for our current and future employees, and that means adapting to different needs. Our hybrid work approach focuses on increased flexibility.


Explore our Public Policy teams

  • The Central Policy team at Uber Headquarters establishes our global policy positions, works with teams around the world to execute campaigns on the issues that matter to the business, and provides policy counsel to our Product and Central Operations teams.

  • The Policy Research and Economics team produces in-house research and collaborates with world-leading academics to understand our marketplace and improve our products. Our data scientists work with policy issue experts around the world, equipping them with data and insights to inform our public policy positions.

  • Members of our Regional Policy team work in cities around the world, acting as Uber’s “boots on the ground” to work directly with policy makers and regulators in their region.

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