Introducing Uber for Business & Business Profiles

23 Februari 2016 / Jakarta

You asked, we delivered.  Today, Uber is truly open for . . . business. As business travel with Uber has increased, we’ve heard from loyal users that the ability to use a shareable business account would make their lives a lot more seamless – and a lot more Uber. We aim to please, and so we set out to build the best possible product for companies and their traveling employees.  The result: Uber for Business, a unique solution that aims to transform the way Indonesian Corporates travel.

First tested in Indonesia in 2015, Uber for Business is now available to all sizes of corporate organizations in Jakarta, Bali, Bandung and Surabaya. Already, thousands of companies in Jakarta, Bali, Bandung and Surabaya have signed up for Uber For Business accounts and are using our unique solution to meet all their corporate travel requirements in Indonesia and around the world. With convenient app-based bookings at the push of a button and pick-up times of less than 5-7 minutes, using Uber significantly cuts the time wasted in waiting for scheduled transport. The unique centralized billing solution makes the entire process of applying for and processing transport reimbursements redundant for firms resulting in improved business productivity.

Uber for Business allows employees who Uber to bill their trips directly to their company.  A centralized billing system helps administrators, team leads and small business owners by providing trip information in place of receipts and helps employees by connecting with the same safe, reliable Uber ride they are used to without the hassle of having to file expenses.  (No more paper receipts!)

How to use Uber for Business

For Businesses

  • Employers can visit our signup page in to create a business account with Uber’s web portal
  • From there, they link the payment method of choice and add employees to the account
  • Once added, employees will automatically receive an email invitation to join their team or company Uber account
  • Managers or administration immediately have trip information at their fingertips, as well as other key metrics such as the number of trips and the total amount spent on travel weekly, monthly and annually

For Business Travelers

  • For Uber users, this option will pop up in their account once they’ve received an email invitation and verified their work email address
  • If they’re new to Uber, they’ll be able to easily create a new account by following the link in the email invitation
  • From there, all users will be able to easily change their payment options, which means business travel is automatically expensed and personal trips stay personal

Uber for Business can be used at regular Uber rates which is affordable. By using the platform, companies will be able to monitor their employee’s travels with complete transparency.

Business Profiles

Millions of business rides are taken on Uber every week, but the magic of Uber can be lost in the stress of keeping work and personal trips separate. When it comes to filing expenses, finding the right receipt, uploading or printing it, and remembering what the ride was for can be a tedious process.

We are excited to take the first large step towards bringing the magic of Uber to every business ride with the launch of Business Profiles. Our business riders have spoken and we’ve listened. With Business Profiles you can remove the stress around expensing by simply selecting whether a ride is for personal or business.

At Uber, we believe whether you’re on your way to the movies or traveling to a client meeting you deserve an experience tailored for why you ride.  Keep business and personal rides separate in one tap.


Start riding with profiles!

  • Charge the correct card. Never accidentally pay on your own dime for a company ride.
  • Add expense memos and project codes. Remember the reason for your ride.
  • Work receipt = work email. No more searching for the right receipt to expense.
  • Weekly or monthly travel reports. Save time by filing your expenses all at once with summaries of your business travel on Uber.

We are encouraging riders to make use of the service and give feedback, as information gained from riders is what will help improve the service. So riders are encouraged to ride and share their feedback about Uber for Business and Business Profiles though email:

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