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Request rides, meals, and deliveries from one platform

Simplify your procurement process with a global solution that transforms the way your company moves and feeds its people.

Advanced features to help you control costs

Custom programs

Easily set limits and allowances based on time, location, budget, and ride type. Plus, you can customize for different teams or departments.

Expense provider integration

Connect with your expense provider to make sure receipts are automatically forwarded and ready for reports.

Reporting and insights

As your team uses Uber for work, you’ll be able to track the important information you need and export it for quick reporting.

Get access to all of Uber from one dashboard

  • Business travel

    With just a tap, your team can request a ride in over 70 countries around the world. We make it easy to set permissions and track spending.

  • Employee meals

    Let your employees order meal delivery from their favorite restaurants with Uber Eats.

  • Local delivery

    Leverage Uber Direct to help move packages and documents quickly and easily.

  • Commute programs

    Help your employees get to work by subsidizing rides to and from the office.

  • Courtesy rides

    Request rides on behalf of your customers from the Central dashboard—they don’t even need a smartphone.

  • Customer acquisition

    Use Vouchers as a promotional tool to help drive foot traffic to your store. It can also be used to show customer appreciation.


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