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Make the very best of every ride

Many ways to request an Uber

Tap. Tap? Tap!

The “where am I” tap

The “quick exit” tap

The “retail challenge” tap

The “wanderlust” tap

The “5 more minutes” tap

The “dreadful weather” tap

Break the ice and step up your driver chats

Perfect your riding game

Earn your 5-star rating

  • It’s a car, not a snack bar!

  • Gum wrappers? Check. Empty water bottle? Check.

  • Deciding what to wear?

  • Not feeling chatty today?

  • Know where to stand for your pickup

  • “Maybe the superhero didn’t feel like flying today.”

  • “Britain's best-loved spy is working undercover tonight.”

  • “The sky must have been too crowded with all these drones!”

  • “He ain’t heavy, he’s… wait, where is he?”

  • “Because sometimes real life is better than the game.”


Here’s a look back at what you don’t miss

Searching for an ATM

Getting lost

Checking for directions

Hailing a late-night ride

Going to a gas station

Looking for a parking spot

Most epic first trips in the history of everything.

  • Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the world.

  • The Wright brothers took the first airplane into the sky.

  • Sir Edmund Hillary summited Mount Everest.

  • The Soviet dog Laika became the first animal to orbit the earth.

  • Neil Armstrong was first to step foot on the moon.

  • You took your first Uber ride.

Psst. Your driver is a local.

Got a question? Ask away.

  • “Where can I get great ice cream?”

  • “Where’s good for pizza?”

  • “Quiet park to chill in the sun?”

  • “Is there a restaurant where I can take my dog?”

  • “Can you tell me the best place in town for fries?”

  • “I want to go dancing, but without a load of tourists.”

DJs. Poets. Philosophers. Top chefs. The person driving you is pretty amazing.

More than a driver

  • Randy: student and painter

  • Dianne: app developer and dreamer

  • Jose: marine biology student