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Recycle with Uber this Earth Day

April 20, 2016 / Beirut

During the garbage crisis in Beirut last summer, we put our hands together to raise awareness about recycling, by launching UberRECYCLE  – the collection of your recyclable items at the tap of a button.

Among items disposed of on a daily basis, e-waste (small electronics, chargers, mobile phones, batteries, etc) is one of the most detrimental to our health, and our environment.

This Earth Day, April 22nd, we are partnering with Beeatoona to relaunch UberRECYCLE, and are expanding it to cities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to help you get rid of and recycle electronics you no longer use – and keep them out of landfills.


  • Open or download the Uber app for iOS or Android
  • Request an ‘UberRECYCLE’ from 11AM – 3PM on April 22nd
  • If an ‘UberRECYCLE’ is available, a partner-driver will head your way to pick up your items


  • Find Beeatoona’s list of approved items 
  • Recycling your technology is totally FREE
  • Some items may require extra preparation before you donate, as Beeatoona is not responsible for data left on any equipment. Please remember to remove personal data from hard drives or other storage media before having them picked up by Uber

Happy recycling,

Team Uber Lebanon