No Credit Card? No problem! Just use VCpay

March 24, 2015 / South Africa

Note: The below promotion is no longer valid.

You can now make use of Uber even if you don’t have a credit or cheque card! VCpay is a mobile app that generates Mobile Virtual MasterCards®, which you can add as your payment option while signing up with Uber. With loads of ways to fund your VCpay app, it’s the easiest way to pay for goods online:

  • Bank Transfer (EFT) – Transfer funds straight from your bank account into your VCpay account.
  • EasyPay – VCpay let’s you pay with EasyPay at any of the thousands of till points located around the country.
  • Redeem a voucher – You can also redeem vouchers in app to immediately load funds into your account.

For more on how to do the above click here.

Great so how do you get VCpay?


  1. Download the VCpay app from your smartphone’s app store.
  2. Once installed, open the app and click “Register” on the start or welcome screen.
  3. Follow the prompts to fill in some of your personal details, a security question and a 4 to 30 digit PIN code that you will use to access the app.
  4. A One Time PIN (OTP) will now be sent via SMS to the mobile number you specified in step 3, simply enter the OTP to validate your app.
  5. It’s as simple as that, you have completed the registration and are now ready to unlock a world of payment possibilities with VCpay!

Now to create a VCpay card


  1. From the home screen or in the app menu click “Create Card”.
  2. Select whether you’d like to create a single or multi-use card type; single-use cards are for single payments, which means the card will expire after the first purchase, while multi-use cards are for repeat purchases up to the total value of the card, these are ideal for adding to your Uber account.
  3. Select the currency and amount you want to create your card for.
  4. Once you have selected your card type and the value of the card, click the “Create Card” button.
  5. You have just created a Mobile Virtual MasterCard®, it’s as easy as that!
  6. To use your new Mobile Virtual MasterCard® on Uber, simply upload the card details as you would a normal Credit Card.

Bonus! Send Virtual Cards as gifts to friends and family

VCpayImage3 Want to give someone a few free Uber trips? VCpay allows you to send Mobile Virtual MasterCards® to friends, family and more. They’re a much better option than traditional gift cards as there is no limit on what the user can buy as they’re able to shop online, anywhere*, at any time.

Any questions?

Want to find out more or have some questions to ask?

  • Visit the VCpay website here or go straight to the FAQs here
  • Like VCpay and follow on Facebook
  • Or contact the VCpay call centre on 011 087 7777